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Jul 6, 2007 11:25 AM

Outdoor bars in Baltimore

I'm trying to think of places to go this summer for casual drinks with friends where we can sit outside. Any help adding on to my very short list would be greatly appreciated!


And while we're at it, what about restaurants with outdoor seating?

Kali's Court
City Cafe

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  1. You may want to search through old posts for this. There are at least two that are pretty comprehensive. My vote, though, is the outside patio at One Eyed Mike's.

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      Thanks! I did actually try to search, but wasn't too successful in finding what I was looking for. Do you happen to have a link?\

      I hadn't heard of One Eyed Mike's - will check it out!

      1. re: Chella

        here is at least one thread on the topic. there was also one more recently.

    2. There's a bar called Woody's in Fells Point... It's pretty fun. Accessible from Slainte's but also has it's own little entrance next to Maggie Moo's.

      1. Restaurants with outdoor seats: Wine Market, Donnas, Gertrudes, B, Ambassador, new restaurant in Little Italy where Luigi Petti was (I can't remember name), Bay Cafe I believe has outdoor seating - quite casual- Donnas or Wine Market might be better choices for drinks and dinner. Ambassador setting is beautiful in the garden but the food is Indian.

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          New restaurant at Luigi Petti is called Petalo. Mix of Middle Eastern, Italian and American food. Word is to stick with Middle Eastern - the owners also run Afghan Kabob downtown.

        2. There is outdoor seating at:

          Duda's (Thames & Bond)
          Lulu's Off Broadway (incl. courtyard) (Aliceanna just east of Broadway)
          Little Havana - waterfront - (Key Highway)
          Shucker's - waterfront - (Broadway Pier - Brown's Wharf)
          John Steven Ltd. - courtyard - (Ann & Thames)
          James Joyce (President & Aliceanna)
          Tyson's - courtyard - (Fleet & Chester)
          Bay Cafe - waterfront -(Boston St.)
          One Eyed Mike's - courtyard - (Bond St.)
          Peter's (Ann & Eastern)
          Woody's (Broadway & Thames)
          DuClaw (Bond & Thames)

          That's just what pops off of the top of my head in my neighborhood (except Little Havana). I know there are some more in Canton & I'm sure I'm missing some just in Fells Point. Cheers!

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            Was just at Pickled Parrot in Canton (Elliot St.) tonight - not only do they have a few sidewalk tables, but they have the covered side porch. Solid bar food (with a couple of veggie options for me - although limited) and reasonably priced. Three of us got out for about $45.00 including tax and tip, with 2 of the crowd each having 2 beers.

          2. Chameleon Cafe also has a few outside tables.