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Jul 6, 2007 11:08 AM

Asiana Indian York Road anyone been?

I noticed that the Pacific Rim restaurant on York Road Lutherville has been replaced by Asiana - Goument Indian? Has anyone tried it? Anywhere north of the city seems to be an ethnic disaster area, is it lack of competition or just that the competant chefs wont venture out to the "sticks"?

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  1. We had dinner at Asiana tonight. The décor is much different than what Pacific Rim had, but was fairly typical of Indian restaurants, i.e. maroon chairs, white table clothes, etc. However, there was a large back-lighted picture of a waterfall, which added a slight “cheeziness” factor to the ambiance.

    Anyway, the food… things started off well as the papadam was really the best I ever tasted. We ordered the aloo tikka for an appetizer…after all it is described in the menu as “the best potato pancake you will ever try.” While it was flavorful (and a little greasy), it was not served with any sauces, which I thought would have been nice. I used the sauces that came with the papadam and really liked the combination.

    Next, we ordered the chicken tikka and the aloo gobi.

    I wish I went with my initial decision to order chicken tandoori and vegetable biryani, but I went with the lower fat option instead. Although the FLAVOR of the chicken tikka was excellent, it was overcooked, dry, and not nearly as tender as I have had at other restaurants. I think the tandoori chicken is probably the way to go, since the tandoori chicken is dark meat with the bone in.

    The aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower), again, tasted very good. However, the potatoes were, to be kind, a little too “al dente?” The service was good and I did not feel pressure to order bread, drinks, or dessert (unlike at Café Spice where the lady-owner always tries to get you to order more, more, more).

    In sum, I would try some other dishes before I decide not to go back. There is some potential and it might be worth trying their Sat/Sun buffet (12 to 3?). At the same time, we like Café Spice or the restaurant on Cranbrook (India Palace) and don’t think Asiana will be our “go to” for Indian food.

    PS- although the menu states 15-18% will be added for gratuity, I think this is a typo - they don't automatically add gratuity.

    here is a link:

    1. We've been there twice for the lunch buffet during the week, most recently Christmas week. They have a nice variety of dishes, including the classics like Palak Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala. The taste was just ok, a little on the dry side. Good use of spices. One nice treat, though, was a surprise Southern Masala Dosai that was brought out as an extra and not part of the overall buffet. It was quite good.

      That being said, it would certainly not be my first choice for Indian food overall, but it would do in a pinch. I'm much more likely to take an extra 20 minutes and head into the city or out to Columbia for food I know I'll enjoy more.

      1. I've been with Indian coworkers for the lunch buffet a few times. While I like the environment better than the other India Palace (more windows = brighter = you can see your food), I think the food is comparably mediocre. My coworkers and I particularly disliked that the chicken tikka masala (which they affectionately label "C.T.M." on the sign at the buffet) and other dishes were noticeably sweet -- they've added more sugar than Indian food should typically have.

        That said - it still does the trick to meet an Indian craving. One time we were there for the weekday lunch buffet and we asked the owner about whether whether they had gulab jamin for dinner (those sweet, fried dough balls smothered in sugar syrup). They said yes, then 10 minutes later brought out a complimentary gulab jamin for each of us in the party (of 6!). That was a particularly nice service moment there that will bring me back again. I do hear how much better the dinner entrees are vs the lunch buffet, so perhaps will try dinner at some point.

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          I went there yesterday for the lunch buffet which I thought was very very good. It was not the best Indian I've had, but given that it was a lunch buffet and knowing other Indian options in the area, I would not hesitate to recommend it.

          However, I just drove past it today and noticed that it's large roadside sign has been replaced with one that says 'York Garden Indian and Mexican Restaurant." I'm not kidding.

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            We were there for dinner last night, and found our expectations exceeded! The new management was really warm and sweet, and mentioned the name change when we asked about the half-dismantled sign -- now, I have NO memory of the Mexican Restaurant part factoring in at all, but they did mention they would have "tandoori sandwiches," which, if they are served on the really good naan that we had with our dinner... is a good thing.

            Spices were definitely quite kicky, so if you prefer the milder side of Indian food, I would make it very clear when you order. I had Aloo Gobi, which was garlicky and roasty and magically delicious, and my boyfriend had the mixed grill. We really liked the tea, which was darker than the tea we usually get.

            Our favorite-favorite is still Mount Everest in Parkville, but Asiana (or, I guess, York Garden now!) is absolutely at the top of our list for alternatives.

        2. This is now an Indian and Mexican restaurant!!!!

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            HELLO??? This is an Indian and Mexican restaurant!! Are we talking about chicken tikka taco? or a saag paneer burrito??? Anyone been? I doubt the food is good or even as creative as I think it could be...but what is going on at this place??????