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Jul 6, 2007 11:02 AM

Good, cheap eats in Seattle?

I will be visiting Seattle shortly and am interested in recommendations for any type of restaurant that won't stress the wallet. Ideas?

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  1. The beauty of this board is that there are so many suggestions. I would scroll through and look at some postings that might interest you.
    We have fantastic Vietnamese, wonderful salumerias, and tons of great fish, all of them might be considered cheep. It would be helpful to know what type of cuisine/dining experience you are interested in and what price range for you won’t “stress the wallet”.
    This type of question is asked often and it always seems to me, that the people asking haven’t spent time doing the basic research. I know when I travel I read the local boards quiet thoroughly and all of my questions are usually answered without me ever having to ask.

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    1. Szechuan Noodle bowl on 8th Ave. in the International District. I recommend the vegetable dumplings with spicy sauce and the onion pancake. You will not be disappointed!

      Cedars on 43rd ST. (not the one on Brooklyn – also good, but not as cheap) in the University District. Great Falafel sandwiches for $2.50. There are quite a few cheap eats in the University District since they are catering to students. Check out Tom Thai – best Thai food in the city – but be prepared for a wait – they only seat 8 or 10 at a time.

      For morning pastries, Besalu in Ballard is the only place to go. My brother was a pastry chef for years and he was extremely impressed when I took him here for breakfast one morning.

      1. Brasa has a happy hour that has a very excellent half price bar menu with drink purchase. Nice ambience, try the fried oysters.

        1. -Mike's Noodle House
          -Jack's Tapas
          -Rocking Wok

          1. There's an article about this in the Stimes this weekend (january 08 - I know -late to the post)...posted: not really "cheap" per se but...good / high quality food on a budget
            grouchy chef
            cafe' presse
            quinn's (can't wait to try this, personally)
            pasta freska