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what's up with dessert?

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i've heard all sorts of stories about the (in?)famous dessert bars, aka chikalicious, room 4 dessert, etc. some people rave about the inventiveness of the chefs, others rant about tiny portions where flavor is indistinguishable. are they worth a visit? if so, which one?

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  1. R4D is currently closed. So is Varietal. So those two are out.

    I love WD-50, and I like (but do not love) Chikalicious. I also like Kyotofu but haven't been back in a while. Haven't tried p*ong yet.

    And Tailor and Graffiti aren't even open and yet getting a lot of buzz.

    1. I tried Brasserie 8.5's dessert bar tonight and it was good, not great. kind of quiet.