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Jul 6, 2007 10:31 AM

Good Restaurant in Yorkville

Taking some colleagues to a lunch meeting and wondering if anyone can suggest some decent restaurants in the Yorkville area.

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  1. the studio cafe in the four seasons.

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    1. Last month went to Jacques, across from the rock.
      I've always been curious about the place.
      I had the cold salmon salade ( quite like a nicoise salade) it was a meal in itself.
      Dessert, i recommend the lemon tart. More on the tart side, which I prefer.

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      1. re: food for life

        Finally, someone else praising to Jacques....I love that place. Best omelets ever! and the also do a wonderful smoked trout salad. Service is excellent too! I have to agree on the tart also food for life....and everything is done in house. You can even order a tart to go!