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Jul 6, 2007 10:08 AM

Chinese food in Glendale/Burbank/Los Feliz/Silverlake?

Hi Friends,

I've lived in Glendale (on the Burbank border) for a year or so and have had no luck finding decent chinese food. Gourmet 88 was a nightmare, and takeout from Joy Feast was notably mediocre. I'm too scared to try anything else without help!

I'm meeting up with some friends tonight and am craving good chinese food. Willing to go to Los Feliz or Silverlake if I have to. Would love some guidance - THANKS!

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  1. Sorry, but there just isn't any Chinese food worth eating in Burbank, Glendale, Silverlake or Los Feliz. It sounds like you're not that far from the 134 or the 5 freeway, it's a matter of no more than 25 minutes to a half hour drive to the San Gabriel Valley and some of the best Chinese food on the planet outside of China itself.

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    1. re: estone888

      Thanks estone. The food in San Gabriel IS amazing. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything. I'll stop looking in my hood! :D

      1. re: hummelhive

        It is frustrating. I live in Silverlake and at one point made an effort as well. I tried pretty much every Chinese restaurant and fast food outlet I could stomach in Silverlake, Echo Park, Los Feliz and Glendale and the best I ever did was some hot and sour soup that was okay once I took it home and added a bunch of stuff to it. But then, I can make a much better hot and sour soup myself from scratch anyhow, so why bother.

    2. Some people like Chi Dynasty on Hillhurst for certain items - hot and sour soup, Chinese chicken salad. I found it to be very overpriced and mediocre. If you don't want to go as far as the San Gabriel Valley, there are several better choices in Chinatown, there have been a few recent thread about best bets in Chinatown.

      1. I tried Fortune Inn in Glendale the other day when I was feeling too lazy to drive to get decent Chinese food but it turned out to actually be pretty good in that kind of 'chinese food we used to get when i was a kid' way.

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        1. re: EatinThePizzaNaked

          I'll agree that Fortune Inn at Broadway & Maryland in downtown Glendale usually gets it right. Closest I've found to east-coast-fried-rice in Burbank or Glendale.

          Anyone tried the chinese place up by Frank's Famous on Verdugo in Montrose? Whenever I stop at Franks , the chinese place always seems crowded.

          1. re: jackattack

            I order Fortune Inn for delivery often. For delivery, I think it is quite good. And they are always lovely on the phone, as are the drivers.

        2. Drive to Arcadia for some good stuff. It's only about 20 minutes.

          1. Chi Dynasty IS WONDERFUL.
            Potstickers-I crave.
            Aromatic Shrimp-yummy and satisfying.
            Sizzling Rice Soup-perfectly refreshing clear broth...add some chili oil and some soy for the hangover-very good.
            Green Beans!!!!
            The Mai Thai s are amazing-stick to just one even though you'll want another.
            Candied Walnuts on the ice cream-YUM!
            Very nice wait staff, the always make you feel welcome.

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            1. re: tatertotsrock

              Depends what you're looking for. If you want authentic, this is not it. Since they are supposedly headquartered in Taipei I was expecting much more. It was extremely disappointing.

              1. re: tatertotsrock

                I like Chi Dynasty as 'Americanized' Chinese food. It is worlds better than the crud I get on the East Coast. For authentic Szechuan, I like Chung King in the SGV.

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                  I agree with tatertotsrock. Am 60 something roundeye with a Chinese partner and have lived in Los Feliz for 25 years...We do travel to Monterey Park for dim sum and a lot of "authenticity" ... however, both Chi Dynasty and the Palace are from the same group and have been serving us with gracious service and many menu items that are not easily available or made the same ... and YES at a price! If you can't or won't take the price, then I understand. My personal favorites have been Orange Beef and their various preparations for Lobster. Both places are products or by-products of the Chi brothers, though each presents it own style. Good wishes to Chi and the new Palace. They definitely fulfill a niche in this community.