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Jul 6, 2007 09:34 AM

Emeril Time Change: Is He Slipping???

So I've noticed that, at least in the L.A. area, the Food Network is switching schedules around and putting Alton Brown in Emeril's time spot, 8:00 p.m., the prime time for tv-watching. So -
Does this mean Emeril's popularity is finally waning? Does Food Network have other plans? Or was it Emeril's idea?
Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. It waned with me a long time ago! Personally I'm thrilled that Alton will be on at 8!

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    1. re: heathermb

      Here, here! Good Eats and Iron Chef are the last two shows left on Food Network that I watch.

      First it was Emeril becoming a bandleader. Then, the insipid giggling of Rachel Ray.

      1. re: bkhuna

        I hate the time change only because Alton is one of the few cooking showes that my husband will watch with me and since he goes to bed @ 8:00 due to flex-time (commutes into Metro DC), we won't have a chance to share.

        That's just me being selfish though. Kudos to Alton and his new time slot.

        Personally, I think Emeril "jumped the shark/couch" when they tried a sitcom a few years back.

        1. re: Moonpie

          OMG, I had completely forgotten about / blocked out the are so right!

          1. re: heathermb

            You know, I had just managed to stop reliving that TV nightmare when your post popped up and reminded me. Oh, the horror of that sitcom!

            So glad Alton is going to be on at 8. Good Eats is better than the other shows that are on at the same time on network TV.

          2. re: Moonpie

            Record it and watch it together!

            1. re: Moonpie

              I'm with you MP.

              My wife and I watch the evening news over dinner. We clean up during commercials in GE. Then we walk the dog. Perfect, now we have all kinds of problems.

              Plus, 7 is right at the start of primetime. Doesn't really mess up the TV watching too much. 8 is in the middle and then what do you do at 8:30??


        2. Doesn't Emeril own part of the Food Network? I'm sure he had a say in the change, and he gets paid no matter what.

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          1. re: mojoeater

            I personally think that this will be good for him, I don't like the way he's been looking lately - none too healthy, kind of pasty looking, baggy eyed, and WAY too overweight - a prime candidate for a heart attack or stroke, to my mind. Maybe he should take some time off --

          2. Yes, Emeril is slipping. The catch phrases have gotten just oh so tired -- "When I get tomatoes, shrimps, water, air, doesn't come seasoned." At least the audience doesn't hoot and howl every time garlic is mentioned as much recently. But after hundreds of shows, all of the themes have been mined to death, the guest chef "best friends" cooking alongside, the viewers who sent in recipes or questions, Emeril's stupid vacant stare into the camera, the tired banter with the band.

            I'm a big Alton Brown fan. But where are any new episodes of Good Eats? I just catch the same old reruns from two or more years ago, and even those are repeated in primetime and then at 11 p.m. here in L.A. and then again during off hours. If the time change is to have any prayer for success, Alton needs to ditch the MC job on Iron Chef and hammer out a bunch of new material.

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            1. re: nosh

              He's had a few on over the last couple weeks. The first Monday he did coconut cake. I thought my wife was gonna climb through the TV.


              1. re: nosh

                If you look at his site (not the Food Network site) you'll see he's currently taping new Good Eats episodes. A follow-up to last year's Feasting on Asphalt series is set to air within the next few weeks.

              2. Here is the email I received from foodtv, in response to my question about changing Emeril's time slot (for me, with DirecTv on the west coast, means that I would have to watch it at 4pm pst)


                I understand your woes. It's never easy when they move a show that you
                love to a new spot, especially one where you can't watch tv. I have to
                admit, I'm kind of thrilled because I love Alton, and kind of lost
                interest in Emeril a long time ago. He started a lot of the interest for
                the Food Network a while back. I think the execs think that now it's time
                for newcomers to shine. He had a great time in the best slot for a long
                time. Let's give Alton a chance.

                If you can't live with that, like many others, you'll just have to go out
                and get a Tivo. That's what they were invented for.

                Thanks for reading!


                Nice attitude...Personally I think they need to get rid of just about every one of their morons (including jessica)...starting with rachel rey!
                Other than Emeril, Alton, Giada and Sara (but I think she is already gone)...they need some real talent.

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                1. re: AG4JAZZ

                  The email address you note as the "from" is from a fansite, not from the Food Network and the fansite has nothing whatsoever to do with The Food Network.

                  1. re: ccbweb

                    Besides that, no one at the Food Network is going to declare preference of one personality over another.

                    What got me was her calling Alton Brown a "newcomer" to FTV. Huh?

                    1. re: LindaWhit

                      I think some of this comes from some old-schoolers calling it "Food TV" instead of the Food Network. A common search will bring about many odd responses.

                      1. re: mojoeater

                        Sorry - FTV was my mistake - I was referring to her referring to Alton Brown as a newcomer as my "Huh?" remark. He's been on the Food Network for what - at least 3-4 years? That isn't a "newbie" to me.

                        1. re: LindaWhit

                          Actually, he just finished up 8 years on the Food Network this month. Time flies!

                          1. re: ccbweb

                            LOL! Well then, there you go! (I don't watch TFN anymore, except Iron Chef on occasion.) Jessica at "" doesn't know her you-know-what from her elbow on who's new and who's not on the Food Network.

                            And obviously I don't either, since Alton's time on the network was double what I thought it was. :-)

                      2. re: LindaWhit

                        That lept out at me too Linda.


                        1. re: Davwud

                          I like Emeril; I just can't stand the show. Start with the fact that there are almost as many commercial minutes as there is actual show.

                          Emeril has said that when it stops being about the food, he's out of there. Well, it stopped being about the food a long, long time ago. Between the 18 piece band, and the parade of all the cool-people-I-know that you don't, and the aforementioned commercials, the tired Emerilisms (you can usually hold your breath from the opening until the first five "Oh-yeah-babes,") what is left?

                          I just look up the recipes on the Food Network website and download the ones I like.

                          1. re: Bob Y

                            I don't know if I've outgrown the show or it's digressed to a place that it's not longer useful for me.


                            1. re: Davwud

                              Right - I like the show he had w/o the audience. But his current one - eh.

                              1. re: MMRuth

                                I never liked that show. I did find his early "Emeril Live" shows to be good. You know, the ones about the food!!!


                            2. re: Bob Y

                              I think it was Anthony Bourdain that said (paraphrased) the Food Network was about cooking as MTV is about music.

                              Pretty much sums it up I'd say.

                    2. Emeril was the one who got me hooked on the Food Network...but I've lost my interest over the years. My husband became annoyed with him and protested everytime Emeril came I stopped watching. I've heard others say that they weren't big fans...everything has a lifecycle. I think the secret is to know when to move on before it no longer is your choice to do so. There are others I prefer to watch, when I do watch at all. I think I spend more time perusing food blogs these days.