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Has anyone tried it there? I always see scores of people when I drive past it on Magazine, but have yet to hear a review.

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  1. Never heard of it. Where on Magazine?

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      I think it is at Amelia Street, where Amelia Grocery used to be.

    2. write up in today's lagniappe about several tapas places including baru


      1. Just got back from a great meal at Baru -- it is on Magazine somewhere between Napoleon and Louisiana on the Riverside/South side of the street.

        I feel this way abuot many restaurants in New Orleans right now, but the food is far superior to the front of the house (the service was friendly and polite, but a little slow).

        We each had a salad -- mine was delicious grilled shrimp and mango with an excellent dressing, good, green lettuce which could have been cut into smaller pieces but otherwise I had no complaints. DC's had a crab salad with corn on it -- not with mayo, more a ceviche-style dressing. (~$12@) We then shared two tapas: a wonderful bowl of corn and homemade tiny french fries with a pink sauce ($~7) and a little plate of sauteed langostine, shrimp, chorizo and red pepper which was simple and lovely (~$12). Having read some reviews that recommended entrees, we decided to share an entree instead of pushing on with the tapas, and we ordered what turned out to be the clear star of the meal, a dish called Platacon Con Todo ($24) which was plantain, piled with steak, chicken, chorizo, cheese and a cilantro pesto. It was really wonderful, and very filling.

        We each spent a total of $41, which was a little high for a restaurant that was very casual, but worth it. I really appreciated that in addition to being very good and reasonably authentic, the food was actually tapas -- not just slightly smaller plates as some places seem to call tapas these days. I think they could expand their menu a little bit to include more of the traditional munchy tapas type items like olives and nuts and tortilla, and they really need to lose the $8 corkage fee unless they get themselves a liquor license.

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          Eeek! I'm so excited to see a Colombian restaurant thriving in nola. How cool. I absolutly love colombian food- very filling, delicious, and moderatly healthy. I also have driven by and it's always full- good reviews too. Can't wait to stop by...

        2. I ate there last week and the apps were good, but the entrees were not impressive. Most of the seating is outside as well we were sweating through our whole meal. I might go back in the fall.

          1. We had a rather dissapointing experience at Baru last night. Like the original poster, we were intrigued by the amount of people flocking to this place, so gave it a shot. The service was VERY slow, and we experienced some mix ups with the kitchen. They actually forgot one of our tapas dishes, so we were sitting without food for nearly 45 minutes, however, they removed the item from the bill, which was nice. Our entrees were dissapointing as well. I ordered plantains, which were devoid of taste, served w/ chicken and chorizo, which were a bit bland and overcooked. Its only redeeming quality was a tasty garlic pesto-ish sauce on top. Despite the food, and service, I also had a bit of a problem with the price. Yes, these are true tapas sized portions (as another poster mentioned) so, the 8-12 dollars per dish is a bit steep. I also agree that if a place doesn't have a its liquor license yet, they should waive the corking fee. Not sure if we'll be going back to Baru.

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              It sounds to me like you ordered a very similar dish to the one we loved -- though our plantain pile came with steak. Several other tables while we were there were really enjoying it too -- I wouldn't be surprised if two chefs who cook on different nights make it different ways, I honestly can't imagine that anyone could describe what I was served as being devoid of flavor, it was an extremely high-taste pile of meat.

              I also want to add in agreement with another poster above that I don't think I could have tolerated the experience in their sidewalk seating, it is so hot and their service is SO slow, it would have been miserable. Plus, their inside decor is very funky and I think was done by the owner himself and to me it's part of the appeal, so I suggest to anyone who is going to try it that you wait the extra time for an indoor table if you can.

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                I'll have to agree with Overweight's assessment. We stopped in about a month ago. We had several tapas plates, including the tuna tartar, which was literally inedible (to their credit, they did take it off the bill). Our major complaint was the price/value equation, which we found to be quite out of balance. There's just nothing at Baru that we found to justify the pricing or bring us back again. For tapas, Vega is so far superior to Baru that it's not even worth the discussion.

            2. As many of you have witnessed the crowds at Baru we also took notice and thought, a new restaurant opened and appearing to be successful lets go and try it. What a MAJOR disappointment, quite frankly it was AWFUL. Recap: The four of us waited 30 minutes for a table, (no problem Saturday night) we sat at 8:00 ordered some tapas, salads and two entries. Two other tables sat after us recieved food and at 8:50 I finally stopped our waitress and inquired about our food, recieved a lame excuse and was told she would put a rush on our food. Remember 2 salads, 3 tapas all cold items and two entries. Upon recieving our first item which was the mushroom and avocado dish which was drowning in lime juice unable to digest. Then a few minutes later another Gerber size portion tapas was delivered which followed a few minutes later with another and so on. All dishes and entries were either burned, lack of or no flavor to it, example would be my salad with no dressing and burned shrimp. Latin/Carribean food is known for its flavor and seasoning which the items we ordered had zero. We politely told our waitress to remove the food due to how bad it was. The manager came over and listened to our explaination and told us that no one has ever been disappointed with there food. Ok.. Our waitress came back to us and instructed us that the there was no charge and told us to leave! Without a doubt we will not be back ever!!

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                Now that a few people have mentionedit, I had posted earlier regarding BARU, but our meal really did take a long time and no one really seemed to think that was strange. One of the tapas we ordered took 30min and we had reminded the server several times. I did not understand beacsue it was a cold tapas, and all the hot ones had already been brought out. With the attitudes you described aboe I don't think I would go back either.

              2. People who like the idea of Baru but are annoyed with the really bad service and higher than justified prices should check out the original Baru.
                It was opened in Kenner last year by a local guy originally from Colombia. There was something in the Gambit about it explaining that one of his relatives who worked there decided to break off and open his own restaurant Uptown: using the same recipes and the same restaurant name, but calling the appetizers "tapas." There's apparently some bad blood now, ala Brennan family, about using the name.
                I've always been really pleased with the Kenner Baru. Prices are low, quality is high and last time I was there it was BYOB.
                It's on Williams Blvd., near the airport, on the lakeside of I-10.

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                  Are you sure it's still open? I go to the Asian grocery store next to it quite a bit, and it looked shut up pretty tight lately.

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                    I called, and while they didn't speak a lick of English, they still seem to be there:
                    3235 Williams Blvd., Kenner

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                      It's open, seems like every now and then. But it used to be an awesome Japanese place. I wish that place was still open. I think it was called Yutaro.

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                        Yeah, me too. It was a regular weekend quick lunch spot for us; the homemade gyoza were v. good, as was the house special ramen.

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                      As of Sept 07 it is open (Kenner location). We went there for the first time last night. It was a nice change of pace. The ceviche was excellent. So was the tres leches. The entrees were average. The beef was chewy, but it always is in any type of latin cuisine in my experience.

                  2. I had a great meal there- the pork chop was the best I've ever had, and the service wasn't bad for a new place. I thought it was over priced, but I think everything is overpriced in Orleans Parish these days. It's the new New Orleans- we're going to have to get used to it, or stage a revolt against Entergy, SWB, Grocers, gas stations, low wage workers, etc etc etc

                    I did think the $8 corkage fee was odd, since we had no choice but to bring our own. Is that normal?

                    1. I just had an excellent meal at Baru. I feel compelled to write as an counter to some of the negative postings here. Some friends wanted me to meet them there and I looked it up on this message board and read these comments. I was going to try to suggest a different place, but I'm glad I didn't.

                      The service was polite and friendly. Maybe casual, but certainly not frustratingly slow the night I was there. As for the food, I thought it was delicious. The calamari was perfect, and I ordered a conch ceviche special, also excellent. I can't remember everything we ordered, but it was all very good. And I'll go back again. Nice decor and atmosphere, too.

                      I too was annoyed when I heard about an $8 corkage fee, but that's total, not per bottle. We drank 3 or 4 bottles of wine between the five of us, and the corkage fee was still only $8.

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                        yea, but if you drink only one, then $8 corkage sucks.

                      2. I have heard that this guy worked with his uncle at the original Baru on Williams Blvd in Kenner, then took (stole) his uncle's idea and name and brand and opened his own store on magazine. Don't be fooled by imitators check out Baru on Williams in Kenner. I eat there alot and the seared tuna with guacamole and the ceviche are my two favorite dishes and I get them everytime I go. It may be out of the way to go to Kenner to eat, if you live in Orleans Parish, but it is worth it. When I heard this story about the Nephew I was upset. I have never been to the restaraunt on Magazine and I never will go. The least he could do was change the name.

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