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Jul 6, 2007 09:17 AM

Great Ideas for Frozen Berries?

Does anyone have any suggestions for freezing berries and/or cherries this summer? I'd love to stock up to be able to use them in the colder months, but have never done this before. How do you suggest freezing them, and does it work? Thanks!

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  1. If cherries - pit them
    If strawberries - stem/hull, slice if you'd like
    Peaches - peel and slice

    I've heard of people spreading them out on a sheet pan, freezing, then putting the frozen berries in ziplocs. (Although I would be more likely to just stick them in a ziploc to begin with.)

    You can even premix a fruit pie filling and then just stick it in a pie crust and bake off in the middle of the winter!

    It works GREAT! A must do!

    1. Definitely spread cleaned, dried berries out in a sheet pan covered with wax paper and freeze. Once totally hard, put in a zip loc. This will help them to keep their shape and it will also allow you to remove as much as you need at once.

      For strawberries, I like to slice them and allow the juice to build up, then freeze in bags. I find that their consistency changes too much when frozen whole.

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        one other step I would do if I were you and that is sprinkle so fruit fresh on your fruit.
        you can find it in you canning section in your supermarket. the fruit fresh will keep
        your fruit from turning colors when it is frozen especially peaches, if you don`t you will
        wake up one day with some brown peaches. just read the label. and see what you think.