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Jul 6, 2007 09:06 AM

Oriental Manor - recent experiences?

Like many Baltimore 'hounds, I've been a fan of Oriental Manor as one of the few decent Chinese places in the area. My last couple of visits have been a bit odd, though (nothing to do with the food, hygiene, or safety issues, just odd in other ways), and I'd like to get reports from others to see if others are experiencing "business as usual" in their visits to OM, or if I've just happened to be there on more than one anomalous occasion, perhaps giving me the mistaken impression of a trend.

Any input, good or bad, is welcome. I'm not as concerned with whether you like or dislike O.M. per se, as with whether your recent O.M. experiences have been consistent with your prior experience. If you thought it was good before, do you still think so? If you thought it was "OK", is that still the case? Any other comments on recent visits?

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  1. New owners last winter...seemed less homey without kids doing homework by the door, maybe a little more tightly run. Expired dim sum for $1 a pop in a bowl at the desk seemed a little odd.

    1. The last few times I was there I noticed a change in waitstaff (and I liked the previous staff), the place was nearly empty at dinner time, and many untranslated items on the wall, without much help on the translation. It was almost as if they wanted to change the menu, but didn't bother with the English version. I've been sticking with Jesse Wong's Dim Sum for the last year or so.

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        "I've been sticking with Jesse Wong's Dim Sum for the last year or so."

        That's too bad. I haven't been there in the last month, but have been here several times this year, and you're missing out. The dim sum at Oriental Manor is heads and shoulders better than Jesse Wong's.