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Jul 6, 2007 09:02 AM

Restaurants in Estes Park

Can anyone recommend a really good restaurant in the Estes Park area? My husband wants to spend our anniversary there, but the only places I've eaten at are casual and I really want a great mea.

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  1. I've had nothing but disappointment at the restaurants I've tried in Estes. I would like to throw out the idea for La Chaumière in Pinewood Springs, which is maybe 5 miles from Estes. I have not been, but the setting and menu look intriguing. Any hounds out there who have been?

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      At one time, a B&B called the Romantic Riversong Inn ( offered an optional dinner as well. Call and check whether they still do. A plus is that it was BYO wine or champagne, which makes a very nice meal a good total deal too.