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Jul 6, 2007 09:02 AM

Where Do I Get Knives Sharpened? - MTL

I need to know where to get knives sharpened in the city. I am going up to Jean Talon Market area for some shopping and am told that I can get my knives sharpened while I am up there, but I don't know where specifically to go. Any help?

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  1. You can get knives sharpened at Norten, a restaurant supply shop at the corner of Beaubien and St-Laurent. Also at Quincaillerie Dante, (Dante and St-Dominique) but they might send them out, or in any case can't always do them right away.

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    1. re: lagatta

      At Norten, does it take a long time to do the knives ?

      I have couple of older knives that I want to restore; if I leave 3 knives, does it take couple of hours ? days ?


    2. I usually ask the chefs at my favourite restaurants - they know how to do it and generally do it right away

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      1. re: swissfoodie

        Thanks, I did ask a couple of chefs and was told Norten (which I had forgotten, thanks for the reminder) and just basically "Little Italy." I will try Norten as I want to get them back today and can leave them while I shop.

        1. re: swissfoodie

          restaurants can't really do a good job as they probably sharpen it on that stick (metal)&just run it up &down. &usually the cut doesn't last long

        2. I think knives are definitely something you should learn to sharpen yourself. Partly because you'll probably do a better job than most commercial places, but more because knives need to be sharpened regularly, and you will be much more likely to keep them sharp if you can do it in a few seconds in your own kitchen.

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          1. re: eoj

            yes but if you have expensive knives you could end up screwing them up so if you intend to do that make sure you have cheap knives

            1. re: tarkus007

              cheap knives don't take an edge, so that would be a waste of time.

          2. Was I dreaming, or did I hear what sounded like an ice cream truck drive up the street the other day, only to discover they were providing on-the-run knife sharpening rather than ice cream? Is there a knife sharpening truck that travels around Montreal?

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            1. re: paperfree

              Little orange truck? Don't they have that everywhere?

              1. re: paperfree

                Yes. Drives around ringing a brass bell. Hardly a knife specialist, though, as they also do ice-skates, lawn mower blades, etc.

                1. re: carswell

                  So you wouldn't recommend getting quality kitchen knives sharpened there? Has anyone ever done it? Did they do a good job?

                  1. re: paperfree

                    "Did they do a good job?"

                    Dunno. Last time I used them for knives was at least 20 years ago. These days I sharpen my own. If I didn't I'd go to Norten.

                2. re: paperfree

                  That little truck goes up and down the streets in Monkland Village.
                  He seems to have enough business to come every couple of days.
                  I will ask around to see if any does thier knives with him.

                  1. re: InterFoodie

                    There is more than 1 truck - and they are the same company and they look exactly the same. There are also a few guys that rotate in those trucks,

                    The quality of the sharpening would depend on who it is.
                    I just had a younger (40s) guy do about a dozen of mine for about $40.

                    eoj - I think you are referring to using a sharpening steel - that will not sharpen your knife but is used to keep your knife sharp. I sharpen my knives about once a year but run them on the steel every time I use one.

                  2. re: paperfree

                    that truck could have been moi lololo

                    1. re: paperfree

                      Tony, based on Chester in NDG. Orange truck. Been around for many, many years. Lawnmower blades, garden shears, maybe. Knives? No way. You simply do not use a grinding wheel to do knives. You need the right stones and the proper technique.
                      I wouldn't trust anyone to sharpen our knives but me.

                    2. We're new to MTL from Bos and have been scoping out various joints (many thanks to this board). I found a shop in Place Alexis Nihon called Centre du Rasoir for knife sharpening, and scissors also. Didn't check the price, but I was given a coupon book with 50% off a knife. $1.99 for scissors. I'll give it a shot.

                      Also, off to La Chronique for an Anniversary dinner tonight. Very excited!

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                      1. re: minisma

                        Hi, about the sharpening steel, that only hones a knife and helps it keep an edge longer, but eventually all knives that are used regularly need to be sharpened. The Centre du Rasoir is rather expensive, but is a lot closer to me (NDG). I often think I hear the truck though! I have run out onto the street like a crazy man wielding knives the couple of times it came up my road. In any event, I'll head up to Norton to have it done.

                        1. re: T.I.M.

                          hi about yer sharpening there is someone that does come around in n d g with a white truck.