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Jul 6, 2007 08:59 AM

newbie and mom's 1st night in NY - late dinner/drink suggestions?

Mom and I get into Newark around 7 and after we check in at the Marriot Times Square, we figured we would go to Carmine's for a late dinner, (unless I get better suggestions here) then head out somewhere fun for a drink.
Mom is in her mid-50s so nothing wild - we wont be going the hottest nightclub - however, would like something to do before we call it a night. We have plans to hit the museums early Saturday so nothing too late.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. I'm not sure about drink recommendations in that area. But as for Carmine's, while it's a fun place, it might not be so great if there are just 2 of you. It's family style -- so for two people you may only end up ordering maybe 1 salad and 1 dinner. Not so much fun in terms of selections. Alternatively, you might try Becco -- esp. late (earlier it gets way too crowded with pre-theatre diners).

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      In addition to Becco, you should consider Trattoria Trecolori on 47th between broadway and 8th. Good pastas, low-key, and not crowded late nights. I strongly agree that Carmine's is not great for only two, and in general I don't think the food's that good, though it can be a fun spot with a big group.

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        Ok, what about the Oyster Bar at Grand Central... and then drinks somewhere? Just want my 1st night in NYC to be FUN and FLAVORFUL!!

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          If you are going east and into Grand Central, then, yes, the Oyster Bar is terrific. And there's the perfect place for drinks there too! The Campbell Apartment. Check out their link from the Grand Central Terminal website to be sure of their hours. It's an incredible space and the drinks aren't bad.

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            Not sure what you mean by heading East. Manhattan isn't that big, so isn't anywhere in the city up for grabs? I really have no concept. I live in Dallas and everything is far from everything else - usually at least a 5-7 min drive once we get in the car. Should we try to only go somewhere near our hotel?

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            The Oyster bar is a lot of fun, a great New York experience. I agree with Campbell Apartment, but for another option, the bar at Michael Jordon's or across the concorse at Metrazur is a lot of fun if you can get a view of the hustle and bustle of Grand Central.

      2. First night in NY. Head to the Rainbow Room. A good view and a drink. Skip Carmine's. UGH. Or grab a cab to the Mandarin Oriental and go up to the lobby bar for another great view and lite eats. DONT decide to wander Times Square area to find someplace randomly to eat. You will only be dissapointed.

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          Oh, the Rainbow room! That sounds fun. Maybe after dinner. I know we are going to be starved after our 7 hour trip across the country (3 hour layover in Atlanta), so something more substantial is a must.
          I've been reading other boards, and keep hearing about a place called Blue Ribbon. The menu looks great Is that a good place to go? It doesn't look near the hotel we are staying at Friday and Saturday, but we are moving the the Michaelangelo on Sunday so I'm thinking of that for dinner, or luinch Saturday after shopping in Soho.

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            There are also several restaurants in Rockefeller Center around the skating rink that you might like. I havent been to Blue Ribbon in a long time but it consistently gets good reviews. I think it's hard to get a table so I would have a back up if I were you. I know Provence (nearby) has recently reopened to good reviews but I cant comment from first hand experience.

        2. If you're in the 50s and Times Sqaure you may actually want to head west. There are several really good more "local" restaurants. West Bank Cafe on 42nd (its not middle eastern, its just delicious). Rachels (which is 9th and I believe 43rd), and a number of other fun places. is a great resource to see what's in the area itself. There is also Blue Fin which is only a few doors down, seafood, fun cocktails, feels very NYC.