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Jul 6, 2007 08:53 AM

Farmer's markets in Houston?

Are there any secret farmer's markets in Houston? The ones that I know of are way too far from my house.... the one near airline.

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  1. There is a farmer's market set up every Tuesday evening near Rice Univ and Saturday mornings at Onion Creek Cafe in the Heights. There are others, but these are the first that come to mind. Not sure what part of town you live in, but if you do a little on line research first, you're sure to find them.

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      There's one on West Alabama mid way between Weslayan and Kirby on Saturdays. There's another one on Saturdays in the parking lot of La Tafia in midtown. I definitely prefer the one on Airline though.

    2. There is a good summary of farmer's markets at this Houston Food magazine site:

      In comparison to farmer's markets elsewhere in my experience (MA, VA, PA, NY), at least the three I've visited here have been disappointingly limited (for selling local). Rice Univ on Tuesdays (same as onion creek cafe sat.), 3000 Richmond (Bayou city; wedn & sats), and Airline drive offer no co-ops and strangely not much fresh produce. I'm hoping this is because of the rain this summer, but there aren't more than...5 produce sellers at the first two locations. If you want soap, prepared foods etc. that's another matter. Good local cheese at the Rice Univ farmer's market on Tuesdays. I'm used to seeing at least 10 farmers who harvest within 300 miles of "city x" all selling fresh corn, tomatoes, peaches etc. etc....and I haven't found the venue yet in Houston. Does someone know of a secret gem?

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        Tati -- I have had the same experience. I visited the Onion Creek/Rice U. markets a few times and saw the same limited groups. I have not been to the market @ T'afia or the Bayou City market, but it sounds like they are equally disappointing. I live near and occasionally visit the Farmers Markets on Airline (just south of 610) and find the selections pretty good, and very fair prices. Not sure if I am actually buying from the people who grew the stuff, but the displays are beautiful, and I like the outdoor atmosphere and hands-on sort of buying (like the fresh markets in France). Considering Houston's proximity to so many farms and rural areas, I am surprised that there isnt a better selection at these smaller markets. They seem to have some leadership, but a lot of "independent spirits" in the artisinal farming community may not want to work with them. I've been to the Ferry Building Market in San Francisco and Union Square market in NYC and am always amazed at the size and selection .... Houston could certainly have the same thing!!

      2. Froberg Vegetable & Fruit Farm, 11875 County Road 190, Alvin Texas, which is south of downtown Houston about 30 miles. It offers their fresh produce and some local produce. It still doesn't compare to my old farmers markets in So CA but it's the freshest farm to market I've found in the area so far that offers more then a couple items.

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        1. re: tlegray

          Thanks for that tip. I cannot wait to try this Froberg place. I too have been disappointed in the lack of fresh produce at our (Houston's) farmers markets. Most recently I visited the one at La Tafia in midtown. All the gourmet prepared foods made me feel like Whole Foods & Central Market were having a off-site parking lot sale. The food was good, but still not what I was expecting.

          1. re: Jayro

            I live in Alvin, and go to Froberg's weekly. MANY homegrown fruits and veg, but also some brought in from other parts of the area...worth the drive if you are not too far.

            Also the prices are really decent

              1. re: jetzm

                No cheeses, sorry. Only fruits/veg, some plants, some little package of stuff like dried fruit, nuts, trail mixes.

        2. Don't forget the outlying areas:

          Katy's Farmer's Market
          700 South Westgreen Boulevard, Katy, 77450 (just south of I-10 btwn Mason & Fry, in the parking lot of Crosspoint church)
          Sat 8am-noon (summer) 9am-1pm (winter)
          Both produce and prepared stuff--more produce in the Spring/Fall than in the Summer/Winter..

          Richmond has a Farmer's Market
          Wild West Farmer's Market - 5005 FM 359 - Richmond, 77469
          Sunday Afternoons from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m

          In the Clear Lake Area there's the
          Nassau Bay Farmers Market
          18045 Upper Bay Road, Nassau Bay, 77058 in front of Erma's Nurtrition Center
          Saturday 10am-2pm

          There's one in Needville,
          and I think there's one in Huntsville also.

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          1. re: ICantRemember

            The one in Needville is called Creekside Farmer's Market and is held on Thursday from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Their website is

            The one in Richmond is very small right now, as some of the local farmers' crops have been rained out. When I went there was one organic farmer from Rosenberg (we have been getting his nice cucumbers in our co-op) and several booths of jellies, salsa, etc. A man from Beasley who sells fresh goat milk and cheese (and sometimes feta and kefir) was there too. I think some of the same vendors are at the Richmond and Needville markets.

            1. re: zorra

              Also, it's not a farmer's market, but here's a local vegetable grower I haven't checked out yet; Pavlock Farms in Rosenberg, (281) 633-2459. The flyer I picked up the other day is no more specific than "fresh vegetables". It doesn't say "organic", which I assume it would if they were. But still, I intend to go see what they have. It's off Highway 36 on Huntington Road, just out of Rosenberg if you're headed toward Sealy.

            2. re: ICantRemember

              What is the one in Clear lake like? What do they typically offer? only fruits and veg?

              1. re: jennisad

                Clear Lake's Farmers Market was very small. Just a few tables directly in front of their store...if you've ever been you know that store front isn't that wide. Not enough to make me want to go back. It's been a few months though since I was by there on a Saturday morning so I don't know if it's grown or not.

                1. re: tlegray

                  I went there is past Saturday and it appears to still be that small. I say "appears" because I didn't actually get a chance to check things out, I just did a quick drive by. That's because it was absolutely POURING rain. I was surprised anybody was out at all, but they were under a bit of awning, so I guess they were ok.

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