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Jul 6, 2007 08:51 AM

Peruvian in Coral Gables...what to choose?

I am headed down to the Gables and want Peruvian, which should I choose: La Cofradia or Francesco?

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    1. In this order:

      1. Francesco, must try the black rice and the
      2. El farolito

      1. I have not eaten at La Cofradia but Francesco may be my favorite restaurant in miami.

        1. Thanks! Funny thing is I expected the Peruvian friend loves Cofradia....but to be honest, I'd rather go by your suggestions ;-)

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            Here is an old review thread that was brought back to life by Netmover - talks very specificly about ordering strategy.

            I have to temper my original review a bit. At that time, I had not been to NYC for a while and forgot how good the very best restaurants are so you should change "amongst the very best dishes I had" to mearly "excellent" or "outstanding."

            That all being said, Francesco's would be an excellent addition to any city and I am very happy it is in Miami (though I wish it were in south beach :)).

            1. re: yomyb

              One thing I didn't mention in the old thread is the squid ink, aji amarillo risotto shrimp, which I like even better than the "regular squid ink risotto" dish. Netmover thought the regualr one was better though - either way, you can't go wrong. Must do squid ink...

            2. Francesco. Ate there last week. Excellent food and service. Live cello music. Top rated for food in Miami by Zagat. Get ceviche and ask for hot sauce on side. Potato dishs also amazing. Lots of locals.