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Jul 6, 2007 08:51 AM

Fresh Seafood Near New London?

Anyone know where I could go for good, fresh seafood in New London?

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  1. Capt"n Scott' s in New London is good. Flander's Fish Market about 10 mins outside New london is good as well. Noah's in Stonington about 20 minutes outside NL is very good - as is the Water Street Cafe on the same street

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      I don't disagree with any of cheesey"s recommendations, but would also suggest that you consider the SeaHorse in Groton Long Point - which has also been mentioned several times in the past for good seafood.. Make certain that you eat in the bar area! Not terribly fancy but definitely an ambience all its own.

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        FFM and Seahorse both have good food. Seahorse sevice was nothing to brag about the last time I was there, but the crab cakes were excellent. Be sure you get good directions, it's a little off the beaten track.

    2. All of the above, especially Flanders Fish Market in East Lyme (right off Exit 75); the Sunday seafood brunch is faaaabulous. Don't forget Abbott's lobster place in Noank. In NL itself, there's a clam shack called Fred's that's really popular (down on Pequot) and you can always check out any number of restaurants on Bank Street, also some new places on State...

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        Yeah to Flanders Fish Market! That place is our awesome stopping point for roadtrips . . .

      2. Thanks everyone for your help. I apparently mislead all of you in what I am lookng for. Do any of you know where I can find a good fish market near New London? I am looking for a place to pick up the seafood and cook it at home.

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          Flanders Fish Market woul dbe the place
          Market is attached to restaraunt

        2. Flander's Fish market is a fish market and restaurant as mentioned here. Also Cove Market on Route 1 between Mystic and Stonington is good. Boomster's under the viaduct in Stonington Borough sometimes has Stonington Red shrimp when in season and they usually have scallops and whatever else has come off their boat (it is frozen). There is another fish market in Pawcatuck right before the border with Westerly RI -- the name escapes me (across from Mobil station in a blue? building) - they are good - I think Noah's gets there seafood from them.

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            Bomster's just moved--they have a new space right next to the Town Docks in the Borough. same set-up, but another freezer and bigger selection. the scallops are the best I've ever had!

            1. re: Sophia.

              thanks for the info- I hadn't been there in a while since I moved to the other side of the Gold Star - that will make it a lot easier to explain where it is!