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Jul 6, 2007 08:42 AM

GTA Filipino Restaurants

I'm having a hard time finding info on Filipino restaurants in/around Toronto. Any ideas?

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  1. Hi, I just asked my Filipino co-workers and came up with the following:
    Jessie Jr -Sheppard and Brimley
    Remely's-Sheppard and McCowan
    Good question, I had been curious myself for sometime!

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    1. re: deabot

      Jesse Jr. - Kennedy and Lawrence. sw corner

      1. re: eliisadick

        There's also a newish Jessie Jr at the nw corner of Markham and Kingston Rd.

    2. I don't 100% subscribe to their opinions, but do find the Street Eats research a good starting place.

      1. I was in the York Mills & DVP area the other day and drove past what looked like a new Filipino restaurant called Casa Manilla. I don't know anything about it other than its location on York Mills just west of the DVP. If you try it out, I'd be curious as to your thoughts about it.

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          1. re: Juniper

            Went there before and I had the kare-kare (ox stew) and the lechon kawale (deep fried pork belly). I'm no expert on Filipino food, but relative to what Filipino restaurants we have in Toronto it seemed pretty good. I haven't had Remely's in a long time, but I'd put the food at about that same level. The place is a good size, bright and clean. I'd go back. I miss the food in the Philippines even if it was ridiculously unhealthy.

            1. re: spiffy_dude

              I reviewed Casa Manilla several months ago.
              You can google it.
              It is interesting, but not addictive.

              1. re: spiffy_dude

                Spiffy Dude seems to like this cuisine and is bold enough to state how this fat laden cuisine is so unhealthy. No one has commented to the posting for a year and I do agree and finally just have to post. A lot of frying and fat contribute to Filipino cuisine, not that a delicate Pancit is not exquisite. Generally speaking, no thanks to an unrenowned cuisine so close in geography to more welcome Malaysian, Thaiu, Vietnamese, etc.foods

              2. re: Juniper

                Just used my groupon there on saturday and came away quite impressed. Food was flavourful, and the chef came out and explained they try and make the meals as healthy as possible.

                We had the Pork Sisig, which could server 4 easily as an appetizer, Beef Kare Kare - nice sauce but very fatty meat, and Pancit Canton, very tasty.

                The portions were huge and heated up well as leftovers the next day. I think it would be a fun place for large groups.

              3. Just bumping this thread to see if anyone has any recommendations in the downtown area? I have a Filipino friend who says there is a large Filipino population in St James Town, which would be great for me because I live close by.

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                1. re: neuf

                  There's a Filipino take out place on Parliament doors south of Wellesley. I haven't tried it, because the one time I was in I was looking for Filipino crab cakes (they don't make them) and everything looked very greasy.

                  1. re: hungry_pangolin

                    Wow Philippines Eat Bulaga? Never been inside. You're braver than I.

                2. There are quite a few on Wilson, at Bathurst. Haven't tried any but they look interesting. I'd be game for them, for sure. I've had Filipino home cooking and it was great.

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                  1. re: magic

                    Jesse Junior is fantastic, they have a couple of tables but is basically a takeout joint, a huge variety of dishes kept hot behind the counter - we tried a few and they were all fabulous. They are open 8-8 everyday except Monday.
                    In east end, driving upto Donlands and O-Connor, the Ritz is kept by a Filipino couple who do normal diner food plus some Filipino dishes, havent had it myself but other reviews say they were good.
                    Another fantastic Filipino resto near Bathurst where we went last year, can't remeber the name but it has a distinctive appearance, biggish place - will post name later if I can find it.