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Jul 6, 2007 08:38 AM

Pasties in Michigan?

Spending a week in Michigan in July, mostly around Cheboygan. Any suggestions on a good place for pasties?

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  1. pasties? you mean those things that strippers wear? are they edible?

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    1. re: Glutton_ny

      think cornish calzone :)

      meat pies the miners took with them for lunch. filled typically with meat, potatoes, carrots, rutabaga and gravy. actually quite tasty!

      There is a place in St Ignace, just on the other side of the Big Mac, that is reputed to have some of the best pasties (can't remember name, but there are signs). Get off at the first exit after you cross the bridge, go west, and it's about 1 mile or so, before the end of town. Sit and eat your pastie next to the water (small park down the road)

      It's worth the drive just to cross the bridge. It's beautiful

      1. re: coney with everything

        I have always found pasties almost exclusively in the U.P., with just a few Albie's branches for us trolls (i.e., those below the bridge). The St. Ignace place Coney mentions is on the right side as you go west on U.S. 2 from I-75. They're O.K., although the best ones tend to be in Marquette and the other mining towns. To get to the park, take the turn just before I-75 as you go back to the east; it goes down toward a small historical park, but then continues toward the water. It is indeed a nice spot to sit and eat.

        Too bad you missed this:

        And, for our gluttonous NYer, one is a pastie, not a pasty, and it's PASS-tees, not PASTE-ies.

    2. Actually, you're not far from the UP which is really pasty land. Probably worth a trip to the Sault or Escanaba for the real deal. Let us know where you chow!

      1. The best pasties come from what used to be a little squat building along US 2 somewhere west of the bridge, but before Naubinway, called Lehto's. Pasties are like pizza--the best usually come from the most unassuming places.