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Jul 6, 2007 08:18 AM

Icarus Anniversary Dinner (theirs, not ours)

After a lavish lunch, what could be better than more rich food for dinner?

Icarus was about half full last night and very relaxing. The anniversary menu (above) for $29 is all they have on offer. I opted for the wine pairing (an extra $15), while Doug simply had a glass of Viogner.

I asked the waiter to tell me about two of the appetizers (the antipasti and the chicken salad). His enthusiastic diescription of the antipasti, contrasted with his vague discussion of the chicken salad, made my choice a no brainer. The Vegetable Antipasti was exquisite, tiny bites of beets, baby leeks, an eggplant puree, a dollop of goat cheese, sweet 100 tomatoes. Beautiful. Doug had the Crisp Polenta, which was also delicious. The veal was tender and flavorful with a reduction that was perfectly constructed. Oddly enough, I didn't get a taste of the truffle.

For mains, I had the Grilled Chuck Eye Tender, which was four generous slices of beef, done exactly the way I ordered it, medium rare. The tomatoe basil relish suffered a bit from the lack of rich, sweet, local tomaties, but it was, over all a good choice. Doug had the Grilled Leg of Lamb and I swear he had twice the meat I had. The socca pancake (the waiter was not the very most informed guy I ever met) was some sort of Greek derivative, layered with some spinach-like greens. The pancake seemed to get a bit soggy for my taste, but the greens were very good. The lamb was also done exactly as ordered and was really flavorful and tasted "of the grill".

Sometimes I go a month without dessert, but yesterday, I went wild. To finish our meal at Icarus, I chose the Panna Cotta (kind of a custardy thing covered in blueberries) and Doug had the Johnny Cake cobbler. The sauterne that accompanied the Panna Cotta was less sweet and cloying than I expected. One of the good things about leveraging the wine pairings is that you get to try wines you might have never risked.

I am going back there next Monday for a friend's birthday. I am glad the menu is broad enought to accomodate extra visits, since this deal goes all month and I got the impression that the Restaurant Week menu will be quite similar.

Icarus Restaurant
3 Appleton Street, Boston, MA 02116

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  1. thanks for the report. sounds like a great deal. i just made reservations!

    1. Nice that they've got lots of choices, I've had that johnny cake cobbler before. I'm tempted to go back this year, but time's running out this month.

      1. Thanks for the report -- I'd been considering this and you've won me over. Too bad about the waiter's lack of knowledge, but IIRC, socca is made with chickpea flour. Was the service ok otherwise?

        1. We had a lovely dinner tonight at Icarus in the south end. We did the $29 three course prix fixe menu. The menu is large enough to have a decent selection. I started with the “Summer Vegetable Antipasti”, it was a lovely little assortment of avocados, goat cheese, beets, tomatoes and other veggies. It was good, but nothing stunning. Hubby had the “Crisp Polenta, Braised Azuluna Veal Breast, Black Truffles, Parmesan.” The veal was very tender and tasty, although I didn't get that much truffle flavor. He really enjoyed it and thought it was the best part of his meal. DC1 had the “Marinated Wellfleet Littlenecks & Casco Bay Mussels, Panzanella Salad & Saffron.” I didn't try it but she seemed to enjoy it. DC2 had the “Corn Chowder, Crispy Bacon, Scallops.” He stated that the flavor of it was good.

          The bread basket had a tangy sourdough with a multiseeded crust and a French bread. Both done well; warm with a nice crispy crust.

          For a main course I had the “Confit of Duck with Gooseberries & Currants.” It was fabulous. I love duck, but frequently I get disappointing entrees. This duck had the crispy skin, every duck dish should have, along with tender, flavorful leg and thigh meat on the bone. The gooseberries and currants were a bit too tart, but there were also nectarines in the fruit compote, and it went with the duck splendidly. Hubby had the “Grilled Leg of Lamb, Socca Pancakes Stuffed with Peppery Greens, Lemon Caper Vinaigrette.” His lamb was good, but not as good as the roast lamb we had at the Watertown Greek festival a few weeks back. DC2 also had the lamb. DC1 ordered the “Grilled Chuck-Eye Tender, Spicy Tomato Basil Relish, Roasted Potato Wedges.” Again, didn't taste it, but she seemed to enjoy it.

          For dessert we all shared the “Chocolate Molten Souffle Cake for Two with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.”, “Fresh Fruit Johnnycake Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream,” and a lemon panna cotta with blueberries. The souffle was good, but nothing special. It was like every other “warm chocolate cake with liquidly middle” I really enjoyed the lemon panna cotta, the texture was spot on, and the lemon was subtle and refreshing. The cobbler was good too.

          Service was fine. All in all, a nice meal, and certainly a great value for $29 (plus $10 extra for the souffle).

          1. The ICARUS anniversary menu changed somewhat from what is posted on their website. So instead of the duck I was longing to try, I had the pork loin with a fruity sauce and bok choy, while my DC had the lamb. Both meats were tender and tasty, and I liked the socca pancake with greens that came with the lamb. Oh, and back to the beginning - the veal appetizer was tender and quite flavorful. I really liked the lemon buttermilk panna cotta with blueberry sauce. I just wish there was more of it!

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              I also was looking forward to the duck, but the lamb that I got instead was quite delicious and the wine pairing (a California syrah) was spectacular. And I agree that the only fault of the panna cotta was the size. My DC was not as pleased with his wine pairings, and I admit pinot noir with the steak salad was perhaps not an obvious choice and not his style of wine. Overall, the food was amazing, and I hope they keep this up for the future. I don't remember the wine pairings from last year, but we may have decided on a bottle and that's why I don't remember.
              I believe that they are doing this menu through July and since they are also participating in the Restaurant Weeks, that's 2 weeks in August.