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Jul 6, 2007 08:17 AM

Pie cherries in the Charlottesville area?

I am trying to find sour pie cherries, frozen or fresh, in the Cville area. Have checked Cville market and Foods of All Nations. All I've found so far is some over-priced pre-made tart filler. Anyone know if Whole Foods, Kroger, the Teeter or anywhere else has a better alternative?


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  1. I grew up near Charlottesville with three Montmorency Cherry (sour cherry) trees in our yard. Sour Cherry ripening time was the early weeks of June; anything that's for sale now is driven in from afar.
    And there probably was no local cherry crop this year; the Easter Freeze wiped out most fruit crops except for some early or late apples.

    1. Try the South board, that's where the Cville locals tend to hang and chat chow.