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Jul 6, 2007 07:39 AM

Funky Place for Summer Birthday

Hey, I have a summer birthday coming up and I am trying to generate ideas for a cool place to have a birthday dinner. There is going to be a group of at least 10, and we're coming from Metro west area, so I was thinking a place in Boston or Newton. I was thinking about something along the lines of the Sunset Cantina (Is this the one right on Comm. Ave, by BU?) or perhaps Union Street Restaurant in Newton. I appreciate any and all recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. Critical question when considering a Boston locale for a group: do you need parking? If yes, options tend to narrow.

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      I do not believe parking would be an issue, I think we would take the T in. So I welcome any and all suggestions.

      1. The food at Union St is pretty uninspiring. Yes, the Cantina is on Comm ave across the street from the Agganis Arena. Food is nothing special.

        1. A few places I have been with groups of 10-15 that were successes (meaning the service was good for a big group, everyone found something they liked to eat and the price was reasonable so that no one was suprised and no one got stuck with an extra chunk of the bill) are as follows:
          Boston Beer Works - somewhat above average bar food, interesting beers, near Fenway so if your birthday falls when the Sox are in town plan to go ~30 minutes after the game starts
          India Quality - one of my favorite Indian restaurants, also in Kenmore, it is relatively small, but they set up a big group of tables in the back and were very nice

          1. It sounds like you're looking for sort of a bar with a pretty broad menu? The Beer Works suggestion isn't bad--I don't actually like the food there, but it tends to have something for everyone (and I think most people like the food more than I do). My favorite sort of pub spot (that I think could fit a big group) is probably the Kinsale, across from the Government Center T-stop. It's faux-Irish (and a little bit corporate feeling), with a something-for-everyone menu that I think is done a bit better than at similar spots. And there are plenty of other bars around Faneuil Hall if you want to continue the evening after dinner.