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Jul 6, 2007 07:37 AM

Best Service in Montreal

OK, yes, this is a rather vague question, and many will say it depends on the resto and style (ie cafe vs. fast food vs. high end), but I am a stickler for great service and I want to know where your absolute best service experience has been in town, regardless of the kind (or quality)of food served.

My top three picks (recently visited) are:
Zumaia - Friendly and knowledgeable service--complete knowledge of menu, great suggestions, prompt but not rushed.

Casa Tapas - we always go with our 4 year old and the servers always treat her like a princess.

Ben & Jerry's Monkland- the smiliest bunch of ice cream scoopers I have seen. Almost makes me forget the scandalous price we are paying for a scoop!

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  1. Honestly, I would have to say that I had great service at Bonaparte for dinner. Waiter was attentive but not too attentive. And he even offered to call for a cab for us because it was raining outside.
    Also, I had great service at Restaurant du Vieux Port during Sunday Brunch. Waiter was excellent, and he received a generous tip for his service.
    Just always remember that the waitstaff can make all the difference. And you can get a bad server or a good server, depending on the the night and circumstance.

    1. The service at Decca77 is the best in town - formal but not condescending, seamless and always discrete. The staff is always smiling ang professional. They are at ease describing all the dishes and wines. Asking for something is never a hassle. It is probably the only place I know that truely epitomizes the ideal that the customer comes first. It's one of the reasons I keep going back!

      1. There was a waiter I absolutely loved at La Chronique. Very professional with a hint of humour and none of the attitude waiters at high end places sometimes have (especially older waiters for younger people). And very, very knowledgeable about food and wine.

        He is working at Bistro Bienville now (I suspect he may have a stake in the restaurant--maybe he has an official title other than being a waiter) and the service is almost reason itself to go back.

        Having been a waiter, I know it is a very demanding job and the people who are good at it have a real passion for food and for making other people enjoy food. Good waiters don't get enough credit for what they do so tip them handsomely if they make your night.