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Jul 6, 2007 07:24 AM

Looking for a great Egg Salad Sandwich

The last great one I had was in the sandwich shop next to NewEngland Soup factory (The Brookline location). I've been craving one and the last two I've purchased have not satisfied. Preferred location is Framingham, Newton or inbetween. TIA

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  1. Mayo or miracle whip?

    Actually, the pre-packaged egg salad sandwiches at Starbucks are not all that bad in a pinch. They used to be more interesting when they included a slice of havarti, but I think they no longer do.

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    1. re: Blumie

      Forget what I said about Starbucks! I have no doubt that all of these sandwiches are much better!

    2. Though this is NOT in your preferred location, this sandwich was so good I had to reply...I ate the egg sandwich at the Parish Cafe (Boylston). It is a signature sandwich of the sous chef there and is absolutely amazing! It was on crispy baguette with roasted tomato, arugula and an aioli...delicious!

      1. Darwin's - two locations in Cambridge - makes a good one.

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        1. re: LauraBear

          Darwin's would be my suggestion, too. As I recall, they put avocado on their egg salad sandwiches -- a surprisingly delicious combination.

        2. I love the egg salad at Cambridge Common. It's served on toasted multigrain bread with generous avocado slices. (As an added bonus, you can request tater tots on the side!)

          1. Ula Cafe in Jamaica Plain makes a great egg salad sandwich with green peas and fresh dill. It is served on semolina bread or in a whole wheat wrap.