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Jul 6, 2007 06:59 AM

Yellow Dog Tavern or Three

I live in Canton and plan on trying one of the new local resturants tonight. Any suggestions of which one to try??

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  1. been to both
    yellow dog has the better atmosphere and the food was good - at least the apps
    the desserts are supposed to change every week and are made in house - great peanut butter banana pie last week

    three is loud - and does the same things as pazo mezze with the whole tapas idea - they do have sandwiches and entrees but not dying to head back
    - the bonus is the outdoor seating
    it is good but not great and i am a fan of in house desserts

    i would do yellow dog over three
    - plus the staff at yellow dog is great

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    1. re: FoxBeatus

      I feel just the opposite! Granted, I haven''t tried the food at Yellow Dog yet (although the menu did look great), but found my beer on opening night to be less than cold and thought the atmosphere downstairs was nothing special.

      I sat outside at Three (so again I don't have a real feel for the atmosphere in the dining room) and split 7 small plates w/ 2 friends. Would definitely order the lollipop lambchops, lamburger sliders, caprese, and duck fries again. Thought the grilled romaine was tasty but I just wasn't in the mood for warm lettuce on a hot summer's night. The bruschetta topping was good but the bread didn't seem to be toasted so it turned into a cold and mushy blob that needed to be eaten w/ a fork. Last small plate was a cucumber pesto special -- fine, but I wouldn't order it again. One minor complaint is that the meat plates came out before the salads, but that might have been the way we ordered (can't quite remember).

      Found the service at both spots to be friendly and attentive, but I have to give the most points to Three's owner Michael Harmel. I had stopped by earlier in the afternoon to double check that dogs were allowed outside, and Michael made a point to come out and say hi when I arrived later that night, filling up my dog's water dish and even pulling up a chair for a few minutes to chat.

      I'm looking forward to heading back to Three and giving the food at Yellow Dog a try. So glad to have some new additions to the neighborhood!

      1. re: dantastic

        neither(?!) nice people at three but after a $100 check for 2 because we kept ordering hoping to find SOMETHING to come back for, we left deflated. altho i have not yet eaten at yellow dog, the menu seems uninspired and despite being a DOG LOVER, the paintings on the walls are downright unappetizing.

        1. re: kelarry

          A little late on this reply but for others still curious, here's my 2 cents...three was hopping for a weeknight, it was fairly loud but not to the point where you were shouting across the table. After much deliberation on what to order we shared a few small plates & although most of it was yummy, scarce amount of food for the price that just left us even hungrier. Ordered sandwiches & weren't thrilled, the cuban was pretty dry & the tuna melt didn't hit home either. $100 later left us feeling totally jipped, I went home & made a PB&J! Plus side was nice staff, very helpful with menu selections, etc.

          Yellow Dog...I really, really wanted to love this place but left with lukewarm feelings. The service was good & the food I had was tasty, but it was a little pricey for the area given you can grab sandwiches & wraps at 1/2 the local bars & spend way less. I know they are trying to avoid 'typical bar food' but they really need a few light fare options to cater to those on a budget. They do offer a burger, which my friend really liked, and the bruscetta was flavorful, as was the rosemary chicken.

          I'm curious to see what happens to these places...