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Jul 6, 2007 06:55 AM

three days in burbank

A search of "burbank" in CH turned up nothing, which is pretty much how I remember it from years ago when I used to hang out there quite a bit. I'm tagging along as my wife attends a conference.

Anything interesting in the neighborhood?

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  1. If you wanna diner, there's The Coral Cafe. If you want a coffee shop, Harry's. If you want old school, there's the Smoke House. If you want steak, Arnie Morton's. If you want Italian Deli, Monte Carlo. Good luck.

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      OK, as a temporary Burbankian (I work here), it's not QUITE that grim.

      Porto's Bakery, the famed Cuban doyenne of Glendale's Brand Boulevard, has opened a second store on the corner of Hollywood Way and Magnolia Boulevard.

      Granville Cafe, which is a sort of stereotypical California cafe (ferns, interesting decor, salads, pastas, pizzas, etc.), is quite good. It's downtown, on San Fernando Road.

      Gordon Biersch, while a chain, has what might be the best "steakhouse" burger around. I don't know why, but it's totally addictive -- and I eat it dry. Also on San Fernando Road.

      There's a branch of Zankou on North San Fernando Road, north of Burbank Boulevard.

      La Maria Colombian restaurant on Victory Boulevard near the city limit is quite tasty.

      Just barely over the border into North Hollywood is Rigo's Taco, Pa' Comer and Mariscos Colima, all of which are quite tasty -- and on the Burbank side is Bahia Caporales, which is good for seafood (but avoid the rest of the menu).

      At the corner of Alameda and San Fernando is another taqueria, El Tapatio, which is quite tasty. Fish and chips from Willie's in the liquor store at Alameda and Victory is quite tasty if completely lacking in decor, and at Five Points, across from Costco, is Guantanamera, which has very good garlic pork leg.

    2. Chili John's on Burbank Blvd. has the best chili in southern California:

      Tony's Bella Vista, very good traditional Italian on Magnolia near Buena Vista:

      The Buchanan Arms is a non-phony British pub with first-rate fish-and-chips:

      There's actually a lot of good non-trendy restaurant food in Burbank, but since the restaurant guides and standard sources tend to give short shrift to the area, you have to know how to look.

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        Like Tony's, OK on Buchanan Arms, not at all into Chili John's -- but you're right, there's decent food, but very little trendy or outstanding.

      2. I also work in the area and lived in Burbank many moons ago.
        Fresh Mex -Poquito Mas on Olive
        Restaurant Mex -Viva Fresh on Alameda/Riverside at the entrance to the Equestrian Center. Workmanlike Mexican food. Kind of a neighborhood place, so be assertive to get prompt service (waiters all nice guys).
        Papoo's Hot Dog Show - go for the history, food is OK if a little overpriced. Riverside kitty corner from the .....
        Bob's Big Boy - historic landmark, food not as good as used to be in old days

        Regarding Chili John's - can't agree - grease floating above ingredients you choose - yuck
        Best chili in So Cal is at Chili My Soul in Encino

        Finally - secret find - the clubhouse at the golf courses at Griffith Park. OK food, 1930's atmosphere (rebuilt by the WPA in 1934 after burning to the ground).


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          If you like beef, chicken and garlic try Picanha, a Brazillian churrascaria. If you have never been to a place of this type it is very cool. The major thing is that they go around with various beef's and chicken on a spit in gaucho outfits serving you unlimited amounts of food. Also they have various salad and hot items on a center area which you can freely partake. Picanha is centered in the entertainment district of the Media City Center at Third and Palm across from the police station.

        2. I second Porto's (delicious baked goods and potato balls) and Bob's Big Boy-for the nostlagia. it's one of the o.g. Big Boy's.
          But I must give a shout out for Granville Cafe's happy hour menu. They have a fantastic burger, sweet potato fries, chicken tacos, tomato soup, caesar salad, mac and cheese...the list goes on. I believe all items on the list are 3$. I was particularly taken by the burger--could not believe that a burger so tasty and juicy was only 3 bucks!
          It's within walking distance of the amc triad. You could have a cheap delicious meal and go see Ratatouille! ( just an idea. I swear I don't work for Granville or Disney)
          One caveat- the service there is not the quickest. You may have to be a little "pro-active" if you're on a time crunch.

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          1. re: Hapafish

            Third Granville's -- really good butternut squash soup and burgers. Perfect place if you want sorta an upscale version of a Marie Callendar's -- or what I remember MC use to be, decent food. Americana menu, but really good -- esp if you want to indulge. My husband & I each get soup and split a burger --

          2. The best kept secrets in Burbank are probably the Riverside Cafe near the Equestrian Center, and Olive's in the Annabelle Hotel. Granville is also still not too crowded, but will probably catch on pretty quickly. I don't think that Granville discounts their alcohol during happy hour, but the food deals are definitely stellar.


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              Haven't been to Riverside Cafe in years, but it certainly was a favorite. Also if you are in the mood for a good sandwich Giamela's Peppersteak is good, blexo.