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Jul 6, 2007 06:40 AM

Worst lobster roll on nantucket The Ropewalk

Nantucket is a wonderful and special place to visit. Most of the restaurants serve extraordinary food that is quite memorable. I chose for a quick lunch to eat at a place on the water in downtown Nantucket called the Ropewalk. Do not eat here even though the views are fantastic. I ordered a 22.00 lobster roll that was so inedible that I had to send it back. I know you must be thinking how can a lobster roll be inedible, it was. I took one bite and ten pounds of water came shooting out of a mushy claw. It tasted like it was canned watery frozen lobster. I decided to just replace it with a house salad because I was nervous to order anything else because my clam chowder was just ok. The salad came and it was so tiny. It was the size of a salad you would get if you were at someones wedding. The plate was about 3 inches and the ingredients were nothiing special. It was 9.50. I had chowder and a salad my dining companion had fish and chips with two beers and the bill was 100.00. I realize that nantucket is expensive but 100.00 for soup and a tiny salad is crazy. Everyone around us sent their food back too. Not good, stay away.

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  1. yeah, the ropewalk is always busy because its one of the only waterfront places on the island, but certainly not known for its food. next time you feel like chowder and a lobster roll, try straight wharf fish shop. they are a fish market that also does great pan sauteed flounder, tuna or swordfish sandwiches. they also own stars ice cream and the two places share picnic tables on the water. its not cheap, but its really good. then go to the ropewalk for a drink after.