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Jul 6, 2007 06:23 AM

where to eat near CT College?

Good Morning- would you recommend your favorite place to eat in/around New London Ct?
I would love either a fun or beautiful ambiance.

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  1. New London is not far from Mystic and there are a lot posts with recommendations in that area. We love Abbotts in Noank. Great fresh seafood and lobster with outdoor seating and great views of the boats in the harbor. It is a counter service place and very casual. I am sure others wil have suggestions in the area as well. Jay

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        I aree with Jay - Abbotts is a great place to go this time of the year. Also, you might try Captain Scott's or Fred's Seafood Shanty.

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          thanks for the reply-anything a little more formal?

      2. I am not that familiar with the new london area but New Haven has some great restaurants, Zinc is in my opinion the best restaurant in Ct, Ibiza is absolutely amazing and Basta is a great little restaurant. Louis Lunch is the first ever burger place in the country and is worth a look. Free Shows on the green in the summer and alot going on all year round. Summer is great because all the yale kids are gone. Wooster st has the little italy area that is great for that new haven pizza and pastries.

        1. Olio's is my favorite place in groton and it is a great occasion place. Bancok City in New London is great Thai food. Azu in Mysitc is very good a little casual.