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Jul 6, 2007 06:17 AM

Saturday night, entertaining NY'ers

Hi all - we're entertaining a couple from NYC. They're up for good food, nothing too chi-chi, but on par with some of these...we've done Stella, Toro, Via Matta in the past...anything new and delicious? We live downtown and aren't "afraid" to travel too far, but obviously on these warm nights love to walk!

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  1. I've really been enjoying Sage lately, but recent raves in the Globe and today's Herald might make getting a Saturday night table tough. Rocca is another one that might do, but it's closed until Monday. Some thoughts: Rendezvous in Central Square, Trattoria Toscana (no reservations, but the Sox are out of town), Grotto, Pops.

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      Just went to try to book Sage for this weekend on opentable. Although restaurants sometimes have inventory that is not available on opentable, opentable shows only 5:30 as being available tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night. Word obviously is out.

    2. Make sure you bring them somewhere with a TV w/the Sox on!!! Neptune(go early), Sorrelina(a little on the fancy side), Bin 26(no tv) for wine and some small bites. If you haven't been to The Butcher Shop and B&G oyster, I'd go to both. Butcher Shop for wine, cheese and charcuterie, then B&G for seafood.

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        Second Sorellina- yes, a little fancy but soo good.

      2. Have you tried Sel de la Terre yet?

        I have gone twice now. Once with clients and once with the wife and it was fantastic both times.


        1. I went to Neptune with some NYers last weekend and we had a wonderful meal. I left some feedback earlier today (