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Jul 6, 2007 05:57 AM

Birthday dinner for 10 in July

I'm looking for a fun place for a birthday dinner for adults that will take reservations for 10 people. I would like to find a place with outdoor seating in the South End, Cambridge, South Boston area.

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  1. Sol Azteca in Newton has outdoor seating and usually will take reservations for that large of a group. It is great!

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    1. re: poochie

      Good suggestion. I haven't been there in a long while but I do really enjoy that patio, and have always had good meas there and at the Boston branch (which might have tables set up out front? haven't been by there in a while). Isn't there another restaurant right next door to the Newton one that also has a patio?

      Cafe Sol Azteca
      75 Union St, Newton, MA 02459

      Sol Azteca
      914A Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215

    2. Capital Grille in Providence--great outdoor seating, music, etc....I believe they will take reservation for 10 or more.

      1. You don't say where, but if Melrose is near you, Mexico Lindo is fun, great margaritas, sometimes a mariachi band, and has a patio.

        Mexico Lindo
        449 Main St, Melrose, MA 02176