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Jul 6, 2007 05:56 AM

Help! Need sublime rest. around New London

Good Morning Chowhounders- I am counting on all of you yet again to help me find a great rest. near conneticut college. I am happy to drive up to one half hour away.
my dream would be one on the water-but if you know of something better,,,,,
Thank you!

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  1. If not too late - head over toStonington Borough and try Water Street Cafe or Noah's

    1. Beat me to it - Water St Cafe in the Borough is, truly, sublime - for years my fave restaurant in Southern New England (I'm a New London native).

      Closer to Conn College and downtown, the Bank Street Cafe has great burgers and (sometimes) Cajun food, great outdoor patio on the river. Also several excellent coffee houses, but you probably know that.

      In Mystic, there's a Cajun restaurant in Factory Square - I forget the name but it's great, the same owners as Bank St Cafe - and across the drawbridge is Bravo Bravo, a longtime favorite, highly rated (but a bit straitlaced as I recall).

      Going the other way on I-95 to Old Saybrook, check out Dock N Dine. Bit of a drive but excellent, right on the Sound. In Olde Mystic Village, Go Fish! was good but pricey. Try out Jamm's (open till midnite) on the hill overlooking the shopping district.

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        Voodoo Grill is the restaurant in Factory Square--it's on Water Street (just off of Main St).

        Bravo Bravo just opened up a more casual restaurant on Main St also, called Azu. I haven't been yet, but I've heard good things and it's always been packed when I've walked past.

        I also agree with Water St Cafe and Noah's. But I hope by "sublime" you just mean excellent food--nowhere around here is going to be an ultra-fine-dining experience!