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Jul 6, 2007 05:20 AM

Looking for Paris restaurant open Sunday night

Hello- I am a newbie here and will be traveling to Paris in September for 5 nights. Our dear friends from home will meet us in Paris for what we hope will be one fabulous night after attending a conference in Cannes. Trouble is, the only day they can make it is Sunday. Can you guys recommend somewhere to enjoy dinner on a Sunday night? We will be staying in the 5e but are willing to travel. Preferably nothing exhorbitant in terms of pricing, but with good ambiance, wine list and of Thank you for any suggestions you offer!

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  1. La Fontaine de Mars, 129 Rue St Dominique is open Sundays. Lovely spot, real character. It's in the 7th, near the Eiffel Tower, so not far from where you are.

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      I second La Fountaine de Mars. If I had only one meal to represent what my image of eating in Paris is it would be here. It will have some Americans, but it really feels like a neighborhood bistro. And, the Effiel Tower is just steps away.

      Enjoy your visit

    2. I highly recommend Le Reminet (I was there on a Sunday night)...superb food and wine,
      great young chef getting a lot of praise...we drank a lovely Chablis and an outstanding
      St-Joseph...foie gras and desserts are highlights...can't remember the exact price but it
      was not is very close to Notre-Dame on the rue Des Trois-Degres.

      1. P.S. found the phone number 01 44 07 04 24, it is not a big place so if you decide to go,do reserve...

        1. In the 5th there are: Petit Pontoise, Reminet, L' Equitable, Christophe, Balzar, and Louis Vins. Buisson Ardent is a Michelin Bib Gourmand.

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            I highly recommend Monsieur Lapin. I ate there about 3 weeks ago, very reasonably priced high quality cooking. It is absolutely as good as the pictures look on the web site. It is a Bibb Gourmand in the Red Guide.


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              I second Louis Vins, was there on a sunday night and the food was excellent in a very parisian ambiance, menu was about 28e they also have a very good list of wines, very good place, i think they are in a bibb gourmand direction next year.

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                I third Louis Vins! Had the BEST meal of my 2 week trip (Northern Italy and Paris for 3 days) here.


                I don't speak French but there was one very nice server who described the (French only) menu well enough for us to get an idea of what we were ordering. Especially loved the foie gras w/ egg and the pork (foot?) starters...

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              I second Balzar (rue des Ecoles) if you're in the 5th. Nice ambience, very good service. Food is OK to good, but the vibes there are great and you'll really feel you're in Paris.

            3. We had an excellent meal at Pramil (9, rue du Vertbois in the 3rd-Metro Arts & Metier) when we were in Paris recently. There is a 29 euro menu of Entree, plat and dessert. We had a wild aspargus omelet and Foie Gras Mi-cuit (3 euro supplement) to start. We indulged with the wine and had a fabulous half bottle of Reisling with the first course. Then the plats were Gigot Sept Heures and an Onglet of Veal with girolles. Desserts were a warm chocolate cake with orange zest and white figs with Szechuan Peppercorn ice cream. The chef was very nice and we had a long chat with him about food and restaurants. Have a great time.

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                Le Parc aux Cerfs, 50, Rue Vavin, 6th arr. (M°: Vavin).
                A sure value. Very cozy bistrot, reasonably priced.

                Or then, one of the famous brasseries in Montparnasse like La Rotonde, on Blvd. Montparnasse.