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Jul 6, 2007 04:56 AM

28806 (Asheville) -even better than I remembered!

Had dinner here last night, it has been months and I had heard they had a new chef so I was curious to see if they'd made any changes. The menu isn't any different and they still feature a nice selection of fish, pasta dishes and meats. From the specials they offered it seems they are trying to incorporate more locally grown/raised items.
It was even better than I remembered! we started out w/ the fried green tomato stack w/ goat cheese and the tuna sushi appetizer served over purslane which was an interesting touch. The tuna rolls were amazingly fresh - better than I've gotten in most sushi restaurants. We split the lamb porterhouse tentree which was a large portion that was served with a crispy twice baked potato and some sauteed was a lick the plate type of meal. Everything from the bread to the wine and the service was perfect.

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  1. I discovered 28806 through this board about this time last year, and it may have been the best restaurant meal I had last year. Phenomenal! I am headed to Asheville next week and thought about trying some of the other restaurants getting a lot of discussion on the board -- fig, Corner Kitchen, Zambra. But your experience mirrored mine from a year ago -- right down to the fried green tomato appetizer. So I think I will drive a little farther -- miss the Belle Chere crowds -- and experience 28806 again.

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      Our favorites in Asheville are Fig, Table, Limones and Rezaz. Have never been to Corner Kitchen for dinner, but breakfast and lunch are great. If I had to pick one of the above, it would be Fig.

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        Agree with most of your picks--though I still have reservations about Table--but also think 28806 and Stoney Knob belong on a shortlist of Asheville's best.

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          you need to try Corner Kitchen for dinner. One of these days we'll manage to sit outside but we have been there 2x recently and both times have been impressed by the quality of food. I like the fact that the majority of their wine by the glass is $6.