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Jul 6, 2007 02:25 AM

"tea party" type place in nyc ?

Anyone know of anywhere kosher in nyc that might do something like an old fashioned tea ? My girls are big enough now that I'd love to share that sort of thing with them, but I haven't heard of anything like that. Looking for some place that maybe has desserts or little finger sandwhiches, possibly with leaving a pot of tea or cocoa at the table. Suggestions ?

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  1. it does not have that classic country inn look
    but it has, tea, desserts, and people watching.

    My Most Favorite Dessert Co
    120 W 45TH St NYC (212) 997-5130

    another tea & finger food idea could
    be any place that sells good sushi.

    probably any time to take your kids out
    and don't order from the kids menu is a
    great way to still expand their pallet.

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      1. re: ofcourseitquacks

        I don't know if there is a kosher equivalent to a white gloves mother/daughter "high tea"
        in the Five Boroughs.

    1. OK...this is a stretch--not high tea, but it meets some of your qualifications. Have you already taken them to Chocolate by the Bald Man? Yes, it's a chain, definitely not a teacup-and-pinky place -- other negatives are it's touristy, expensive, has occasionally very bad service; positives are it's kosher (at least, that's what I read) there's dessert, hot cocoa,& sandwiches that can be cut into squares. Though I prefer the chocolate at City Bakery, I liked the cocoa fine though it's very sweet stuff. Our ten-year-old (boy) loved it when it first opened. I'm assuming if you call ahead they might be able to do something different for you.
      Here's the link.

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      1. re: mooms

        I didn't think Max Brenner restaurant was kosher

        1. re: hindyg

          Everything but the ham is kosher. :-)

          Seriously, the chocolate is kosher, but the restaurants are not.