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Jul 6, 2007 01:07 AM

Shabu Shabu - Best in LA?

I'm looking for a great Shabu Shabu place in LA. Do you have any recommendations?
I've had many "average" experiences at many Shabu Shabu places. And I'm convinced that I just haven't struck gold yet...but it's there...somewhere.
I live in the Hollywood and don't mind driving a little here and there. Also, I hate waiting for tables.

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  1. The name escapes me right now. But it's in Honda Plaza in Little Tokyo, downtown LA, corner of 2nd and San Pedro.

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    1. i really enjoy going to Seoul Garden Restaurant -

      1833 W Olympic Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA
      Phone: (213) 386-8477

      im used to eating shabushabu in a more flavorful Mongolian style & Korean restaurants definitely provide that. its more tasty. after eating the meat cooked in the broth, the waitress will proceed to bring out udon noodles, rice, sesame oil, sesame seeds and dried seaweed - mix it in the broth to produce a tasty rice dish, and eat it following the meat. they also serve a cool rice drink Koreans enjoy in the summertime called "shikhye."

      this place is my favorite shabu shabu place due to the fact. the restaurant is busy, but i've never had to wait more than 15-20minutes without a reservation if you can manage. valet parking is available. prices are around 25 and up a person. service is OK - good for Ktown. all in all not bad.

      1. KAYAGA in Honda Plaza (practically next to Sushi Gen).
        Reservations are strongly suggested. Very expensive , but worth it. Expect $100- pp after some of the options.

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          You don't have to go for the very expensive options (kobe, wakyu) at Kagaya. Even the lowest priced set dinner is very good--good meat, tasty cooked dishes & homemade dessert--around $30??? (Haven't been lately, but that's the price I remember paying.)

        2. Come on guys. Shabu Shabu House in Japanese Plaza is the best. But there is always an hour wait no matter what you try. I think they put crack in the meat. It is that good.

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          1. re: sebi

            it's good but not THAT good

              1. re: chefthisguy

                I second this. Shaab is the only civilized place to eat Shabu Shabu in LA. They take reservations and the parking is no problem. I'll never go anywhere else, and I used to swear by the Shabu Shabu House until I got abused one too many times.

                1. re: chefthisguy

                  I didn't like Shaab in Pasadena. The meat was unimpressive. I vote for Shabu Shabu House in Japan Plaza.

                  1. re: ns1

                    I totally agree! They used to include a compliment drink with the order but took that away. Now you have to pay for it. They got really cheap with the veggie/tofu/mushroom/noodles plate too!

                  2. re: sebi

                    I have to agree... Shabu Shabu House in little Tokyo is some of the best i've had (better, dare I say, than the shabu shabu in big Tokyo). It's the quality of the meat that makes the difference, really. It IS that good :)

                  3. WAKO Shabu Shabu on Atlantic Blvd and Garvey.