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Jul 5, 2007 10:51 PM

great meals in san jose?

The SO and I are traveling from LA to San Jose this weekend (Fri-Mon). Looking for great dinners and fun lunches/brunches. In LA we love steakhouses and sushi joints that are lots of fun and open late (ie Mastros and Koi) but also really love trying hole in the wall spots that serve "the best pizza/indian food/apple fritters" around.

any suggestions would be welcome.
oh - and we are staying downtown (i believe) at the Fairmont, and won't have a car - so closer is better.

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  1. These might not be the very best San Jose has to offer, but all are good and within walking distance of the downtown hotels...

    71 St. Peter for a nice dinner (Cal/French) at good prices
    Saigon 75 (rolls and catfish w/ noodles) or Vung Tau for Vietnamese
    Henry's World Famous Hi-Life - a San Jose-only experience with good ribs and steaks
    The Grill On the Alley for (expensive) steaks
    Mortons of Chicago for late night happy hour petite filet mignon sandwiches at the bar

    for the totally informal:
    e-Mocha (231 East Santa Clara Street) for coffee
    La Victoria Taqueria for burritos (make sure you have the orange sauce!)
    Asqew Grill (200 S. First Street): good for lunch, lots of things on skewers
    The Doghouse (80 S. First Street): good hot dogs (it might have closed, though)
    University Chicken Sports Pub (29 South 3rd Street): really good chicken wings, especially of you like them hot

    I'm also a fan of the tacos downstairs at Blue Monkey lounge, especially their happy hour special (2 tacos + a beer for $5) although a lot of people don't like them

    1. Il Fornaio - Delicious Italian (Fresh Egg Pasta)
      302 South Market Street
      San Jose, CA 95113

      E&O Trading Company - Fusion Asian, I'd go for cocktails & appetizers
      96 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

      I second La Vic's, try early in the morning for their breakfast burritos with bacon or chorizo, and you HAVE to have the orange sauce. (Note it's orange in color, no relation to the fruit).

      1. Within walking distance of your hotel: La Pastaia for great apps and Italian food; Pizza Chicao for deep dish.