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Another Frozen Yogurt place with "Berry" in the name.

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It's called "Snowberry" on Van Nuys Blvd in Sherman Oaks. Do all these places get the yogurt from the same source? They all taste the same!

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  1. theres a good story in todays (thursday) LA times. it lists a bunch of those "berry" places and other fro-yo places

    1. Well for the record Kiwiberri has an "i" in the name. :)

      1. There's one coming to Echo Park called "Orangecream" - there's a banner on Alvarado & Sunset...no "berry/i" but it does reference a fruit name.

        If I was an enterprising fro-yo shop owner, I'd be leasing storefront space on Roxbury Drive to open "Roxberry."