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Jul 5, 2007 10:16 PM

Meal in Athens during 4 hour Layover?

Looking for a very good meal in a cool neighborhood, reasonably accessible from the airport if this is at all logistically possible. Any suggestions? We've never been to Athens before, will be flying back to Cyprus from Santorini

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  1. I haven't been to Athens in about 5 years, but I believe the airport is pretty far outside Athens, and given good old-fashioned Greek unreliability of public transpo and schedules, I don't know that I'd risk it on a 4 hour layover. I hope someone who's been there more recently or just knows better than me though tells you otherwise, because Athens is amazing.

    1. If you speak Greek, I might possibly find something for you, in a nieghborhood not far from the airport, but if you do not, the chances of you being able to communicate with a cab drive the directions, which will inevitably be a labarinth, would not be advisable. Let me know and I will look in Athinorama for a taverna with good reviews in a nearby neighborhood. But I can't promise much! Also what time of day? and what day? these are important considerations for traffic.

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        unfortunately we do not speak greek! we will be at the airport afternoon/early evening on a Thursday. what is Athinorama?