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Jul 5, 2007 10:05 PM

Colander with a divider in the middle?

I swear I have seen once a colander that has a divider in the middle, so that you can put it in a big pot of water, and cook two different kinds of pasta at the same time, one in each side of the colander. I have been looking for it ever since but no one seems to know anything about it. I like spaghetti but Significant Other loves linguini, so would really like to get this. Help!

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  1. I've never seen one, but it since you can use the same colander without rinsing or washing it in between pasta pot dumps, I don't really understand why this is a hardship. It seems like it might be harder to try to pour a pot full of boiling hot water and either pasta into half a colander than to quickly do it twice, but that's me. Plus, how in heaven's name can you empty the colander and keep the pasta separated when you have two different kinds in each half? It must have been some kind of novelty. I can't imagine that this is a good kitchen gadget to have, even if you can find such a thing. It doesn't seem like it would work very well and might even get you scalded in the process.

    1. big money:

      Time saver for commercial kitchens, seems like a huge waste of space for a home...

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        Wow! Now I see how they get the pasta out when it's all in there -- wedges! I agree, this is a commercial kitchen item and looks like a pain to clean and store at home, but it is ultimately up to our original poster. Live and learn...

      2. I saw one of these in a store in Italy year ago and beat myself up later for not getting it.
        I searched and searched (pre-internet) and had the hardest time finding one. I did eventually see a few at a restaurant supply house but chose not to get it because it seemed like it was made of cheap materials.I finally gave up.
        Sure looks great doesn't you've got me thinking again.

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          Thanks all! Believe it or not, I am actually kind of tempted by this - just think that I can have liguini and angel hair in one pot! Though there are no dimensions listed and four wedges are a bit much...

          1. re: Maple

            They do offer them with different amounts of dividers....2 colanders, 3 and 4.

            1. re: MSK

              Even at $80 bucks for the two inserts...mucho mooooooola in order to boil water!

        2. WOW!! What an expensive pain in the tush. Seriously...for the home kitchen? It looks gigantic!! I would say to the honey with the picky palate that he gets spaghetti OR he can buy you the special kitchen pot AND agree to wash said pot when done using!! I think it is sweet to go to the trouble of researching this for him....but wow....$160 bucks to boil water?