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Jul 5, 2007 08:38 PM

Cafe Del Fini ??

Anyone know anything about this place (hope I have the name right) on Entrada or is it West Chanel Road?? Accross from Georgio Di Baldi. I'd like to try it but was curious what everyone thinks....TIA.

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  1. It's Delfini. I've been there a few times and although the food has always been good, I was never wowed. It's a nice and convenient neighborhood spot, with better prices and attitude than Giorgio Baldi's.

    1. CAFE DELFINI is a good italian comfort restaurant and the neighborhood place we go to with our friends who live in the palisades or SM canyon. we go for the comfort and company and always have a great time. the atmosphere is lovely, not had nothing objectionable there. but don't go wanting to have your head blown off by unbelievable cuisine.

      1. Caffe Delfini is very good, although a somewhat limited menu. Pastas are excellent (Superb Penne Arrabiata), as are their fresh fish specials. You'll likely need reservations if you want to eat there between 7-9pm, and usually a day in advance is enough. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


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          We tried Caffe Delfini last night and enjoyed it very much. My sister and I had the grilled wild salmon and it was delicious. My husband had one of the specials - pasta and prawns with a spicey sauce and it was excellent. My brother in law had a veal with sauteed mushrooms which I didn't taste but he said it was great. The salads to start were okay --not great. I thought the service was excellent and friendly. The only negative that I observed was that it was very hot in there. I hope that you all see this here -- not sure if I start a new thread for you to see it -- thank you for encouraging me to try CF. For the past two years we have lived 5-7 minutes from there so it's just a nice option.

        2. it was walking distance from my home when i lived in LA, so i went there fairly others have said, the food is solid: never truly amazing but never ever problematic...i usually order the sea bass...they have some nice wines too...but it's main draw is the charming little room, two minutes walk from the ocean...more or less a perfect date restaurant, especially if you live nearby...