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Jul 5, 2007 08:29 PM

"seven deadly sins" dinner ideas

Last season, top chef had a seven deadly sins dinner. I thought was great and the food looked really good. I want to host my own seven deadly sins dinner and I was looking for any ideas. A while back, I remember chowhound having a discussion about what we would make if presented with this challenge and I recall a lot of great suggestions. Alas, the thread has seemed to disappear--obliterated in cyberspace. So I am asking for your help once more... What would be a good idea for the following sins: (included is what the contestents made)

Wrath--Sam: Spicy shrimp cevieche with chili pepper popcorn
Greed--Cliff--Seafood Boullabaise with a Thai Green Curry Broth
Envy--Michael: Trout and Salmon with Aspargus and a basil alioli
Pride--Elia: Roasted Chicken and Root Vegetables
Lust--Marcel: Cherry Tart topped with Cherry foam and Cherry gelee
Sloth--Betty: and a trio of soups in wineglasses
Gluttony--Illan: Rich chocolate cake with funnel cake and a cream anglaise

I saw L'Explorateuer had a sins dinner and it looked even better! I was thinking oysters for lust, perphaps a crown of ribs for pride (or filet mingon or a porterhouse) and i liked the idea of envy being an amouse bouche...yet im not sure what to make. I thought that some kind of dish with prawns and baby shrimp would be a good envy dish but I've never seen anything that incorporates the two. But dont let my suggestions influence you....what would you make if you were preparing this kind of feast? What foods for what courses and why?

lol i had a thought of doing a 1/2 pound burger for gluttony but then nobody would eat anything else!

I look forward to your suggestions!

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  1. Sorry this strays far from "gourmet", but at least it's memorable:

    Wrath--Korean soon dubu (soup with liberal dose of hot pepper paste)

    Greed--Something very tiny, so you want more ... maybe a single homemade crisp or cracker with caviar

    Envy--Find out what each guest loves, and serve that to the person next to him

    Pride--"Tall food" with elaborate garnish

    Lust--Absolutely an oyster - don't forget the Tabasco

    Sloth--Franco-American canned spaghetti, straight from the can, cold ... in a disposable bowl, with a plastic fork ... a paper towel would be a great napkin

    Gluttony--If you've made it to this course, anything at all is an example of gluttony. Save this course for your very best, as contrast.

    Don't forget absolution -- finish with a really excellent dessert wine, or if you're eager to go down in your friends' memory forever, brandy and cigars for everyone.

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    1. Forgive me for my totally cheesy idea, but I think the "envy" dish should be something delicious and green. Ya with envy!!!

      Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all night.

      1. Heh...just a thought for sloth. Crackers and E-Z cheese. An amusing contrast to the rest of the fantastic spread!

        1. We did a thread on this last year after that TC episode. Here ya go!

          Hopefully, you can get some ideas!

          1. I love this idea. I think the suggestion above about serving everyone's favorite dish to his/her neighbor (for envy) is brilliant, even if impractical.

            Some other ideas:

            Wrath: Anything made with grapes (Grapes of Wrath). Concord grape juice? Or, anything either spicy or flambe.

            Greed: Each guest is given a dish and told it's the only one and they're not to share. In reality, the dishes are all the same (or you can do something slightly different to each, such as a salad with a different color flower on each).

            Envy: I like the earlier ideas about something green or everyone’s favorite dish next to them.

            Pride: Depends on the crowd. I think instantly of the “pride parade” (e.g. gay pride), and would do something rainbow if it were my friends. A rainbow of fruit, etc. Alternatively, you could have something guests assemble themselves from a spread of ingredients, and give each one a minute to talk about what they put together and why it’s so great.

            Lust: Ripe fruits (mango, banana, cherry, strawberry, etc) dipped in chocolate.

            Sloth: “Sorry,” you tell the guests, “there is no sixth course. I was too lazy to make it.”

            Gluttony: Anything you make that you can double in size. Pancakes the size of your biggest pan? Or, a giant serving of something. Bowls of pasta served with enormous serving forks rather than eating forks?