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Jul 5, 2007 08:14 PM

Eglinton Grand banquet hall?

i'm looking for opinions on the food at this banquet hall at Eglinton/Avenue. it is a very nice looking venue, but i've heard from a couple people that the food is pretty bad and from another person that it is average. i'm trying to plan a wedding and choosing a venue is becoming quite a chore.

any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Been there twice. WORSE food imaginable!!!! Both times, meat ( chicken and beef ) entrees turned out to be way overcooked and 'jerkies'! like. Middle pasta courses of ravioli etc, again were overcooked. One time swimming in some unknown bland tasteless sauce and the other time, dry and sauceless. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!!!! Unless you really want your guest to remember your wedding - for the wrong reason?!!!!!

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      We got married there the first year it opened and thought the food was great, all things considered. We even had raves from guests. Sounds like it's gone downhill - maybe cost-saving measures now that they're established as a venue?

      Finding a venue was one of our most challenging parts of planning the wedding, because of the food and wine. How large is the wedding? Could you get away with renting out a restaurant or choosing a hall that allows you to bring in your own catering?

    2. I have been to one wedding there and the room was great - food a bit of a let down.

      I am also planning a wedding and we decided to go with the Capitol Event Theatre (which is just around the corner from the Grand) partially because they are now partners with Flow restaurant in Yorkville. I have used Flow on many occasions for business catering/events in their main facility and was always very happy with their food - asian fusion-leaning menu.

      They are installing a full kitchen in the Capitol and will cook your guests food to order if you would prefer.

      Good luck - I know how much work this all is!

      1. My sister had her wedding reception there. The room, the people, the service were fantastic, they went above and beyond....wish I could say the same about the food. It wasn't that it was really bad, it was presented well, but tasted like a typical, boring wedding meal.

        My sis was also considering the Capitol Event Theatre, but scratched them from the list due to cost..

        Alternatively, you could try the Carlu at Yonge & College, you can bring in your own caterer (or use one of their recommended caterer). Or you could go with the Liberty Grand. I went to a wedding there and the food was good, pretty standard wedding fair, but the taste and quality were better than I have eaten at most.

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        1. re: Lazar

          thanks for all the comments. based on what we've heard from people we know and these responses, we've decided to look elsewhere. pretty disappointing because we really liked the venue, and because we're starting to get tired of looking at venues. any more suggestions would be appreciated. are there any good wedding forums /websites specifically for the toronto area?

          the search continues...

          1. re: igk

            As far as venues, some of the ones I checked out for my sister are listed below:

            Graydon Hall
            Casa Loma
            The King Edward
            The Royal York
            Rumball Foundation for the Deaf (on Bayview)
            St.Georges Golf & Country Club
            The Estates of Sunnybrook
            The Great Hall
            The Miller Lash House
            Angels Gate Winery
            Pennisula Ridge Winery (not sure if they can accomodate an event, but worth looking into...the food was DELICIOUS)
            Steamwhistle Brewery
            The Distillery
            Ancaster Old Mill

            Some of the places above did not have kitchens on site but recommended list of caterers. Actually you may even want to call a caterer to find out some of the places that they have worked (Daniel et Daniel Catering are referred by a lot of venues).

            A couple of them (Angel's Gate for example) couldn't accomodate a group larger than 100 people, but with their property, you could rent a tent and have the reception outside.

            And for other references you can try:


            Good luck

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