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Jul 5, 2007 07:58 PM

Remember this candy bar?

I can't seem to find anyone who does. It's from the mid-late 1970's and is roughly the size and shape of a Wunderbar, except it's off-white in colour (white chocolate?). It's kind of crispy/chewy in the middle.

For some reason I'm thinking it was called "Danish Treat" or "Dutch Treat"

Thanks folks!

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  1. Oh, I know what it was! It was the Neilson's "Cinnamon Danish" bar! It was ivory (covered in white chocolate) with a pinkish drizzle on top.

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    1. re: rat under paper

      That's it! A total of 6 minutes to answer what's been bugging me for years!
      Thanks much 'rat under paper'!

      1. re: stootz

        Now that I'm thinking of retro candy bars, I remember a lemon version of the same bar.

    2. Now that we're on the subject, does anyone know why Cadbury stopped making my favourite, the Snack Bar? It was much better than the similar, but not quite good enough, Mr. Big.

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      1. re: edibleTO

        You may be able to find some those here:

        I bought sister all of our favorite candies from childhood for CHristmas. It's fun just to look throught the stuff.

        1. re: nissenpa

          The Nutty Chocolatier on Queen St. East carries a lot of these, most of them from Britain or South Africa. Also try The Chocolate Box in the east end. There are usually compilations in stockings around Christmas. The Maltesers from Britain are much tastier than ours.

        2. re: edibleTO

          Oh ya the Snack Bar was my all tiime favorite but it dissapeared in the late 70's. I could buy it in the US for a while but it dissappeared of their candy shelves as well. It was better than the Sweet Marie, the Oh Henry, Mr Big, etc. I wonder why Cadbury stopped making the best chocolate bar ever made.

          1. re: Jim Matthews

            This fantastic chocolate bar came and went without a trace. For something so popular for so long you can't even find a picture of it on the internet!

        3. Do not speak of Wunderbars, you'll confuse all the Americans. :-)

          1. I know exactly what you mean, I remember them from the mid 70's. I thought they were called Danish Delight. I thought they came in colours but I may be wrong on that. It reminds me of a Mr. Big but with a sweeter coating.

            1. my uncle had a canteen in the 70s and sold these they were the best Neilsons CINNAMON dANISH BAR