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Jul 5, 2007 07:36 PM

Steak Tartare...the real thing...

The best steak tartare I ever had was in Munich...a bit far to go, so where's great steak tartare in LA? Note: I had the steak tartare at Fraiche and, maybe they think it's cute, but they serve the meat chopped instead of freshly simply is not the same dish. I'm looking for the real thing. Thanks.

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  1. Actually I prefer CHOPPED and find the typical ground version rather bland or mushy most of the time.
    Best in LA is probably Mimosa(chopped) or TG on Alley(Ground)

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    1. re: russkar

      If you've found it mushy, its been over ground; bland...shouldn't be if the best high quality meat was used. Chopped is fine but I found the Fraiche tartare too chunky so it wasn't able to meld the ingredients. And I'm not sure it had a raw egg yolk, a must. Hoping to find the real thing!

      1. re: countrygirl

        The Abode one is made with waygu beef and has a raw quail egg on top. Might be what you're seeking...

    2. they have a fairly good one at Mistral in sherman oaks, ventura Blvd. near Dixie Canyon.

      1. I had a very good one not long ago at Abode.

        1. For some GROUND raw meat goodness... get the Kitfo at Meals by Genet... it's the best raw steak dish I've had in the city... and I've had LOTS of them... my brother jokes that I should be banned from attending any county fairs because I'd go take a bite out of the cows... LOL!


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            I just had the fantastic special kitfo at Awash last night. It's off the Fairfax strip, on Pico.

            I would think that traditional steak tartare would involve minced meat rather than ground... but traditionally it was made with horsemeat, too.

          2. Funny you should mention steak tartare as the L.A. Times' review of The Polo Lounge opens discussing their rendition of the dish: