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Jul 5, 2007 07:26 PM

DC hound seeks special rec

Need a special occasion spot that we can actually get into a month from now in the sub $200 range if possible. Should we even bother with the likes of Le Bernadin and Per Se? Also looking at Picholine and Cru. She wants Masa, but I don't think we could get in and it's $400 a pop, yes?

Any advice will greatly help. Thanks.

Also, is the Aquavit brunch worth it? Or should we wait for Prune to re-open and book then?

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  1. Is that <$200 budget per person? Is the budget figure just for food, or does it include wine, tax (nearly 9%) & tip (20%)? Clarifications will help Hounds make appropriate suggestions.

    Regardless, forget Per Se. Just walking in the door = $250pp. And, unless you get lucky and snag a cancellation, getting a reservation involves calling two months out to the exact day you wish to dine there. .

    Le Bernardin's basic 3-course prix-fixe is $107. There are two tasting menus: $135pp and $185pp. Wine pairings boost those figures up substantially. You should have no difficulty securing a reservation one month in advance.

    Further discussion awaits your clarifications.