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Jul 5, 2007 07:00 PM

The Frost Restaurant Brooklyn

I will be visiting Brooklyn next week and I heard that The Frost is a very good place.

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  1. I'm not sure how far you're travelling, but it's not a destination, in my opinion. I've only eaten there once, and I enjoyed the food (typical Italian offerings, maybe a little seafood-heavy) and the wedding hall 70's style decor, but it's not a place that stands out in my mind. Depends what you're looking for. It's solid, not spectacular.

    1. It's one of my favorite, unfussy restaurants of WIlliamsburg. It's a throwback to a certain era of the white tablecloth, red sauce Italian restaurants. It is not the best restaurant in BKLYN or anything, but I do like it. If you have dinner there you most likely will not be disappointed, but don't expect to be wowed, it's just not that kind of place.

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        It is Festa time in Willamsburg . Most of the Italian jauts will be packed all week. Frost is a great place.

        1. re: FAL

          Sorry to say, I think Frost is the least (read: worst) of the old school 'red-sauce' joints that Williamsburg has to offer. If you are going for bad service and poorly made food, then its the spot. I think S. Cono O' Pescatore is ten times the place, with attentive service, and really well made food, right down to the red sauce, which I feel is top hole. Not gritty, so if that is what you are looking for go to Frost.

          1. re: noodles

            I have been to all of these places as well. If you want atmosphere, Frost is not the place, but I love there spagehetti with garlic and oil and the shrimp francese is also great. The food is very heavy.

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              Cono's is fine, too. Probably better seafood, but I've never had an experience like you describe at Frost. They have always been friendly, attentive and the food was all pretty consistently fresh and tasty. There are plenty of good places in the 'Burg, so different strokes, I suppose.....

              1. re: hiroshi2

                For posterity, I want to include what happened at Frost. The Calamari Friti. It comes with those little lard biscuits, which are wonderful and traditional. The calamari itself was so overcooked, that is could have been used for bicycle tires, or shoe treads. Really tough, and greasy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my bucatini was undercooked. So much so, that I could not even cut most of the pasta with my knife.
                The person who waited on us could not have been more rude, did nothing to make the sutiuation right. I know Im not a regular, which I am sure counts for something, but we did spend almost 100 bones on a nice bottle of wine, which should count for something. It didnt. Never again. On the flip side, service at S. Cono is always gracious, and timely. The red sauce is light, and fresh letting the San Marzano's shine through. Homemade pasta is always cooked right. Why go anywhere else? I know the two are joints different places, but if you can't get the calalmari right, c'mon. What 'ya gonna do?

        2. I love those Graham Ave restaurants. I've never been to Frost but people I trust like it... although as you can see other people I trust DON'T like it. The giglio festival is amazing and well worth a look, though most of the festival food is forgettable. Here's a post with lots of recommendations: