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Jul 5, 2007 06:38 PM

Help! Want to Try Something New for Anniversary

Hello all New Orleans Chowhounds.

We'll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary next month in New Orleans. We visit at least
twice a year, but lately some of our favorites have just not been the same.

We visited Upperline in January, and all I can say is that is was sub par at best. The food was overdone with garlic, and everything seemed to be overcooked, too. Most disappointing was the elimination of the wonderful tasting menu we used to enjoy so much.

I hate NOLA's and wouldn't eat there again- even if someone else paid. Galatoires was
a good experience, but not fantastic. I've heard Commander's isn't quite the same anymore...another one of our old favorites. Herbsaint was just okay.

So, this is what I want: I want us to have that "WOW" factor when we have our dinners.
I want the meals to be romantic and memorable. Somewhere I need to sing from the top
of buildings about. It seems I've missed that recently when in New Orleans.

Some I've thought about are Brigstens and Clancy's. Any other suggestions are most
welcome. Oh, and I'd love to hear your "WOW" story!

Thanks, again.

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  1. I really like August and Stella, but for romantic, I had a great birthday dinner at Cuvee. Not quite so well known, but the space is nice, and the food was excellent.

    1. For our trip down (should be now, but was moved until August), we had Clancy's, Cuchon, GW Fins, Delmonicos and Brigsten's on the list. Of these, we've only done Fins and Brigsten's. When we have the details worked out, these will be on the list, as will, I hope, the Pelican Club. I have never, never been disappointed with Brigsten's, and do not miss an opportunity, even though there are now a ton of new spots, that I must fit in. Some will just have to wait, as I will not miss Brigsten's.

      We used to always do Commander's, especially as we found ourselves in NOLA around my wife's birthday. The last few trips have been less than spectacular, but these were all pre-Katrina. From '01 - '05, it just wasn't the same in all aspects.

      Did the "grand tour," in May, prior to Katrina, and only Galatoire's was holding their own. The rest of the "grand dames," showed real signs of wear. Do not know how things might be now. Just glad that we did it then. Brigsten's was 100% then, and the highlight of the trip, especially compared to the big-10.

      Again, things have changed, so my comments reflect a time passed - sorry.


      1. I second Stella! and August and Bayonna. I also am fond of Lilette and Iris. Vizards is a winner and Cafe Degas is not high end but very good and a great atmosphere. There are a few to get you started.

        1. I do adore Cafe Degas - and it totally wins for atmosphere, but there is better food elsewhere.

          Arnaud's has amazing New Orleans food, and if you ask for it, you can be seated in the jazz bistro, which corners on Bienville & Bourbon...they have a live trio playing every night. Very, very old New Orleans. They have the most delicious gumbo and an outstanding $40 prix fixe menu.

          I also really love the Marigny Brasserie. Really clean, upscale atmosphere & the best fried green tomatoes I've ever had.

          Dante's Kitchen across the street from Brigstens is amazing, too.

          1. kkak, where did you end up going and how was it?

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              We are going over at the end of this month. Yes, I plan way ahead, but this is our 10 yr anniversary and New Orleans has alway been "our city." We visit at least twice a year, and this trip will be the first one alone in several years. Because of that, I've been researching things well in advance in order to make this as near to perfect as possible.

              Because of all the wonderful recommendations on this site, I'll definitely be submitting a report.

              1. re: kkak

                Same here. We are going back in September and have not been there in a few years. Looks like there are some new restaurants that me be worth checking out. Alberta, Vizzards, Iris. Not much info on Chow about them though.

                1. re: Sobe

                  Vizard's and Iris (esp. the veal cheek ravioli!) are both excellent. I haven't been to Alberta, but mostly what I've heard is that it's really expensive for what it is. Haven't heard much about it lately.