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Jul 5, 2007 06:37 PM

Pie Eyed in San Diego

Okay Guys, The Dining Diva and I are on the lookout for some places that make really good dessert pies. I'm not talking Coco's, Marie Callendar's or even the Chicken Pie Shop, but bakeries, restaurants or coffee shops that may turn out a to-die-for Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Silk or Banana Cream. Thanks for the tips in advance.

Chef Vinny

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  1. did you guys just finishing watching "Waitress" w/ Keri Russell? :-)

    1. The Village Bakery, in the Del Mar Highlands shopping center, makes an awesome cherry pie. They used to sell it at the Del Mar farmer's market on Saturdays, but they haven't been there for over a year...when they were there, I had a chance to talk with the baker/owner's husband, and he told me that she uses fresh cherries. The ingredients are all top-notch. I'm not a huge pie fan, but this one is really special. We have friends who come down from LA and always make sure they have one of those cherry pies!

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        Ooops, sorry, I meant the Village Mill Bakery, not the Village Bakery.

      2. Racking my brain but Susan reminded me of a guy that makes rhubarb pie and sells them (among others) at the OB Farmer's Market on Wednesday's. I don't know his name or if he has a store but you might want to check him out.
        Let me know when you guys open your store! ;-0