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Jul 5, 2007 06:08 PM

Restaurants in kingston

I will be in kingston july 8 and would like resto recommendations besides chez piggy, thanx in advance

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  1. Chien Noir
    Luke's Cafe
    Pan Chancho (brunch, take-out, fresh bread, cheese, dips)
    Morrison's (breakfast)

    1. It has been many years since I was in Kingston, and at the time I was a poor student. However, I have fond memories of the Sleepless Goat. Great fair trade organic coffee, large bowls of cafe lattes, yummy homemade soups that they serve with bread ends, decadent desserts and a wide variety of salads (I really liked the chick pea salad, which I have tried to re-create at home, with no success). In a nice weather, they open up the garage door front and let the breeze in! Its probably best at lunch time. I really hope that it is still there.
      Another place I used to frequent was Cambodian Village on King Street. Bit of a dive, but their green curry is fiery!
      I liked the Kingston Brew Pub for good beer.

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        I spent many idle days at the Sleepless Goat the summer I worked in Kingston. Good times. That was almost 10 years ago though.

        You should have one Cambodian meal in Kingston (my choice is the Wok-In). Kingston has lots of great Cambodian places. I haven't found comparable a one in Toronto.

        1. re: cookiebaker

          there is a toronto restaurant with the same recipes as cambodian village/phnom penh etc: it's called "khmer thai" and is located on st. clair one street west of oakwood. (i.e. the menu is almost identical to cambodian village). I seriously used to sit around daydreaming about "kingston cambodian food" before a friend of mine found this place by chance. worth trying. (though pretty much has all the ambiance of wok-in or cambodian village).

      2. I like curry village, they moved down by the waterfront.
        Originally it was on Princess st.
        The brothers split up, and went there separate ways.

        1. I pretty much agree with all of the above, but I would also add the following:

          Windmills - brunch, lunch
          Asha - excellent Japanese place
          Atomica - dinner

          I would suggest Phnom Penh (at King & Brock) over Cambodiana or Wok-In. Cambodiana has really gone down in quality recently, and Phnom Penh gives you better food in larger portions for about $1 more per dish. Wok-In is ok but is basically a hole-in-the-wall and not really a place where you'd like to stay for any legnth of time.

          Cafe India is far better than Curry Village. Cafe India is cheaper, the food is of better quality (spicy, good portion sizes and everything does not taste the same) and the service is faster. Good for takeout and eat-in.

          1. The best meals I've had in Kingston have been at Le Chien Noir, a nice bistro. Better than Che Piggy, to my mind.