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Jul 5, 2007 05:58 PM

Early dinner near the Hollwood Bowl (no boxes)

I am attending a concert this weekend at the Hollywood starts at 7:30 and I would like to arrive around 6:30. I normally would love to bring a boxed dinner from one of the places that I have been reading about on the boards, but unfortunately, my companions are vehemently against the idea of a picnic or a boxed dinner (one in particular refuses to touch lukewarm or cold food...yes, I know its insane). His suggestion is to go to fast food, but I can't quite bring myself to do that. Does anyone know any decent place around the Bowl that would provide a quality meal early in the evening? (Our parking lot is at the zoo in Griffith Park and our hotel is The Biltmore in downtown LA). Thank you ever so much.

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  1. Off Vine. 1.6 miles to the HB. Open for dinner at 5:30 pm.

    1. Off Vine is a good choice -- it's a rather decorous setting (in a converted two story Craftsman House) and pretty good American/continental food.

      I also like Fabiolus Cafe, which is a little more casual and funky and is primarily Italian.

      The food at both of these places bests fast food by a mile, but is still not as good as the wonderful bento boxes you can get at Mako for $75 each (and feeds two people) and carry into the Bowl. We did that just last weekend for the first time and they were great. In case your companions can be swayed, Mako's website is

      Their website is

      1. I'd try someplace right at the Bowl. Whenever I go someplace before a concert, I always feel rushed no matter how well I plan. Here's the Hollywood Bowl site with the food options there, including a sit-down spot and some options to take away that appear hot (to accommodate those with somewhat eccentric tastes about food temperature).

        1. Los Balcones de Peru
          Hungry Cat
          If you go east, Sanamluang or Jitlada Thai

          1. Going to the Decemberists? My group and I plan on grabbing an early dinner probably at Magnolia or (a bit further away) Bossa Nova.