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Jul 5, 2007 05:49 PM

Fresno...The Meat Market

While dining over tri tip at a holiday barbecue, my girlfriend mentioned that she buys most of her meat from the Meat Market. She used prefer Albertson's as their butcher block had some great meat but they've since closed. Lately, I've been buying my meat at Costco. While we mostly live on chicken, when I find myself in need of a good flank steak or other cut of red meat, I don't always like buying such large amounts. Where do you Fresno foodies buy your meat? We are not close to the Meat Market, although they're building one at Fowler and Shepherd. I'm wondering if it's worth the drive? Quality and price?

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  1. I think the meat from Costco is wonderful. I've never been disappointed. We are big flank steak lovers too. The ones at Costco are great, very lean. All of their beef is choice. I buy ground beef at Catalano's. I love their 93% lean, very flavorful. The one thing I do buy from the Meat Market is the veal. They seem to have it when no one else does and it's reasonable, for veal that is, too.

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      Thanks for the tip on the veal at Catalano's, Gail. We just picked up some veal demi glace in SF last week. We buy most of our beef at Costco, usu. the whole rib-eye then I cut them into thick slabs big enough for two to share and get the char-rare effect. Will have to check out the flank next time as well. There's another good butcher on the NW corner of Ashlan and First that I use occasionally but blanking on the name at the moment, they have great sausage as well. When the Xmas holiday season arrives check out TMM for true "prime" rib, doesn't seem to happen every year but a couple of years ago got some beautiful 8-12 pounders for about 5.99 per.

    2. TMM also has prepared meats, like chicken fajitas, beef roulades, several different trimmed, cut and seasoned meats, et al. If you catch them on sale, I've seen them at good prices. TMM also carries a small amount of produce, but it's no better than what you find at SaveMart or other stores, plus it's more expensive, so save your money.

      I like TMM, I've not been disappointed in their meat quality, but yes, it is a long drive for me so I end up buying most of my meat at Costco. IMHO the meat's as good and can't beat those pork loins!

      1. While we buy some of our meat from Costco, we find that the lamb at Catalano's is always local, good, and is available in smaller quantities than a purchase at Costco requires. For steaks, Save Mart is hard to beat--they usually carry a Kings Cut (1 1/2-2" thick) New York at a very reasonable price.

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          Really, FAT Traveler? I haven't bought too much meat at SaveMart. I don't know why. I know that their seafood for some reason never looks appealing to me, at least at ours locally. I'll have to give their steaks a try

        2. I've bought meat from The Meat Market when they 1st started in business about 25 yrs ago in a little place on Chestnut and Clinton Aves. Their seasoned tri-tip I think is the best. Back 25 yrs ago it was only $1.19 per lb.!!! We love their sausages, both German and the chicken varieties. When I go to Fresno for appointments, I always stop by get stuff to take back home in Bakersfield.

          1. I just got home from buying meat at TMM. I got two ± 7 oz ribeye steaks (choice) for grilling, two lbs of their house roast beef (for Thai beef salad), and two lbs of their carne asada steak (for gyros), all for about $35. They have loads of grilling & BBQ gear and condiments, and they're the only place I know of that carries the thick-cut, crispy tortilla chips McGregor's in Clovis carried before they closed. They also have their own sausage: German and a chicken jalapeno, as well as a wide selection of beef cuts, chicken and some fish (I recall halibut, salmon, shrimp, basa and one or two others.)